TreasuryCast #31 – Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes – Gallery


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3 responses to “TreasuryCast #31 – Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes – Gallery

  1. Cool pod cast, Though it needed more Cos, Just saying. Yeah Modru is an awesome villain. Not a great hat. Still he’s cool. Though Joan Rivers would never have loved his out fit. Nor her Joan Rangers. Maybe Kelly Osbon would. As a lark. Yeah his art Does look better with a different artis. Guess Swan did get Collated. I’m pretty sure Shadow wanted Supes to body paint her while waring the tight uniform. Maybe she finds him all Sexy. Maybe that’s why she ended up with Mon El. Maybe in her head as he’s painting her she’s singing Reem Zeros Save me. 😀 The Smallville theme. Any way the story is fine. Kind of a pre Marvel comics type story. A bit silly, but has a descent fight in it. The villains work fine. Even if he is on the fashion polices most wanted list. For a major crime against fashion. And was cool to hear Rob Kelly like a LSH comic. Can’t wait to hear the next pod cast.

    Oh it is sad that they didn’t give Dave his art work back, but it gave us the X-Men and got Mike Grell on LSH. So a win in both ends, So DC screwing up hear is kind of why the Long Bow hunters happened. Now I want a Martian Man hunter and LSH team up.

  2. Opps forgot the LSH are kids. Should not have made that joke. Did not mean to be that creepy. Not at all meant to be that way.

  3. I hadn’t been reading comics very long when this game out. I was in a Woolworth’s department store with my aunt & I saw this guy tearing covers off this issue & the Superman vs Flash book. Unsold inventory I assume. He’s tearing covers off & throwing them into this bin. I see the bright colors & stopped to stare. He says “you want some?” He hands me both comics & I left the store a very happy 6 yr old.

    The Mike Grell cover is one of my all time favorite comic book images. That is the Legion to me. I disagree with the how hard this story would be for a kid to understand. I think stories like this work much better with a younger reader. My first comic featured the Composite Superman he was a villain who had the powers of the Legion of Suoer Heroes from the 30th century. Superman was a member of that team when he was a boy. SAY WHAT??? Made sense to me at 6! A few years ago, a co worker wanted to read “Crisis on Infinite Earths” so I loaned him my collected edition. He brought it back saying he couldn’t read it. It made his head hurt. He couldn’t read a single issue.

    Great podcast!

    As an aside, I didn’t have these books very long. Probably cut the 3D picture out so I trashed them. Maybe 2 yrs later, I was already nostalgic for them so I found the ad in a 1976 comic and sent $2 to the address. DC sent my $2 back saying they no longer carried it! Thought that was pretty decent if then.

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