TreasuryCast #65 – Batman – Gallery

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  1. The deep sea diver mystery was adapted into Perry White`s Scoop on The Adventures Of Superman live action series. A diver is shot in front of The Daily Planet and they trace him to the gym, Jimmy goes into the water tower and finds the banded goldfish that leads them to the freight yard and money paper. I’ve read several Batman stories from that era that were adapted into Superman scripts.

  2. I am in love with the image of the New Wayne Foundation Building. Talk about swinging for the fences! I love classic comic book buildings and despite this being my introduction to what the building looked like, the New WFB is already one of my favorites. I’ve always enjoyed stories where the hero had a cool & iconic place to hang out. I knew there was a time where Bruce was away from the Manor/Cave but I haven’t read many of the penthouse stories (snicker) and as far as I can recall had only ever seen interior shots of Bruce Wayne’s penthouse. Thanks for introducing me to such an iconic, and perhaps a little silly looking, landmark.


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