Tough Like a Girl #26 – Female Characters in 2018 Entertainment

So due to Nathaniel's faulty memory, this one is going to be a little different as he and Lis talk about notable female characters and leads from this year. And we already realized some of the ones we forgot as soon as we stopped recording.

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4 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #26 – Female Characters in 2018 Entertainment

  1. Quick thoughts:
    I actually like Sabrina on Chilling Adventures. Does she make dumb mistakes? Yes, but that’s where a lot of the fun lies and where most of the adventure starts. Michelle Gomez is awesome.

    Haunting of Hill House was great. Nell and Theodora were my favorite characters but were completely different in personality.

    The Good Place is my favorite show right now, with Eleanor Shellstrop being my fav character. Glad you like it.

    Doctor Who has been pretty dull in terms of stories but Jodie Whittaker’s performance has been keeping it fun. She’s really the only reason I watch the show at this point. Fingers crossed the stories get better given that they have so much time to look back at the mistakes of series 11 and make some improvements.

    The She-Ra/Catra relationship was great, especially in the Princess Prom episode.

    In terms of novels, Circe by Madeline Miller was great. One of the best books I’ve read in years.

    I honestly can’t think of any female characters in comic books this year that stood out to me. I think the last one I really liked was Casey Brinke in Doom Patrol but given the lateness (cancelation?) of that book I can’t remember if we had more than one or two issues of it in 2018.

  2. Nice little tour of female characters in media this year, thanks guys!

    This year also saw the second half of a female-led Star Trek series, for the record. Spider-Gwen is badass in Spider-verse, as are Mera and Atlanna in Aquaman. Incredibles 2 was mostly about how Elasti-Girl is awesome. Ant-Man and the Wasp was decidedly about the latter. Ocean’s 8 wasn’t the only female-led heist this year – Widows was the better picture. Annihilation, Pacific Rim Uprising, Tomb Raider, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Assassination Nation, Halloween, Bad Times at the El Royale, A Simple Favor, all featured good female genre action. Shout out to Eighth Grade as well. Seeing Mary Poppins Returns tomorrow. Bumblebee and The Favourite at some point too.

    Sadly, movies about badass female heroines didn’t all do as well as I would like – Sparrow, Peppermint, the new Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, seemed to be non-starters.

  3. That was a good roundup of the 2018 female characters. Some quick takes:

    Ant-Man and the Wasp: First Marvel movie my daughters wanted to see. They did see Avengers: Infinity War first since their friends recommended it, but they were more excited to see A&W from trailers, which I was all-too-happy to oblige.

    Incredibles 2: Not sure if my girls or I was more excited to see this one. Ginny’s statement, “Is it bad I liked this better than the live-action superhero films?” My answer, “No, it is not.” Agree that Elasti-Girl was kicking all the butt.

    She-Ra: Only started watching recently and haven’t finished it, but love so much. All of the characters are so good. Personally enjoying Entrapta a bunch. She reminds me of Peridot from Steven Universe. What can I say, I like smart nerds.

    Black Panther; Okoye! Okoye! Oh, Okoye stole my heart from her first scene with T’Challa. But like you two said, there’s so many great women in that movie.

    Speaking of Steven Universe, do you follow that show? It’s new episodes have been too few and far between, but my girls got me hooked, and it has no shortage of great female characters. This year had THE big reveal of the series, AND a wedding (Ruby and Sapphire) which made me cry. Seriously, it was beautiful.

    Happy New Year, my punchers! See you in 2019!

  4. Great year end round up episode.

    Since you mentioned Anne Hathaway, I have to say that The Princess Diaries movies have been my daughter’s favorite movies for several years now. Though, they may have been displaced this year by Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. She’s a fan of Raven, which is no surprise, given that she’s a fairly serious and intense young woman, herself.

    My daughter also has given a ringing endorsement to Mary Poppins Returns, which she has already seen twice in the theater: first with her grandparents and then with a friend. My wife and I will be seeing it with her for the first time this weekend. I can’t speak to the movie itself, yet, but this is the first time my daughter has ever gone to see a movie multiple times in the theater.

    For myself, I really enjoyed Mera’s portrayal in the new Aquaman film. In particular, I like that Arthur was following her lead for most of the movie.

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