Tough Like a Girl #30 – Captain Marvel: Higher, Further, Faster, More

As with last month, Lis and Nathaniel are slightly behind on what’s hot in theaters. But, hey, they get to it eventually.

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5 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #30 – Captain Marvel: Higher, Further, Faster, More

  1. Good episode, although it was hard not hear the soft enthusiasm throughout Lis’ review.

    “What did you think?”
    “I liked it… y’know.”
    “Want to elaborate?”

    Also nice to have a second Captain Marvel movie review on the Network in the same week. Of course, if you wanted to know more about Monica, you could’ve time-traveled to when my latest FW Presents episode was released before recording yours. 😉

  2. I enjoyed this series on my Carol Danvers/Ms Marvel/Captain Marvel binge-read in 2017-18, but honestly, I liked Deconnick’s original first series (In Pursuit of Flight) better as a jumping on point. Still, Kelly Sue always brings lots of life and joy to Carol and her supporting cast, so they’re all fun.

    Hats off to Lis for finding some fun in a book with aliens and jets. You’re a good sport.

    With Ryan’s and my FYJ episode, I’ll try not to repeat ALL of my thoughts on the movie. Just add that my girls and I loved Goose the Flerkin. I had shared those moments from the comic with them before I realized Goose would be in the movie, but they still were surprised by the Flerkish moments. It was also great talking to their Sunday School class briefly about the movie. Ten 8th-grade girls and boys, “who’s seen Captain Marvel?”, every hand shot up, one of the boys obnoxiously said it was boring, but all the girls were gushing. Direct quote: “Brie is a queen.” It does my heart good to see it resonate with the girls.

    Higher, faster, further, Punchers!

  3. I have to admit that I’m not very familiar with this version of Captain Marvel from the comics, and I’ve already commented on the Captain Marvel movie in a couple of other podcasts. Therefore, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your discussion of this collected volume, as well as all of the related digressions.

    In that same spirit, I thought I would introduce my own digression. Since seeing the Captain Marvel movie, my daughter has become a fan of the Marvel Rising franchise, in which Captain Marvel serves as a mentor to a team of young female and minority heroes. I was curious if this was on your radar, and if you had any plans to cover any of the associated comics in the future. I know there is one collected volume out already, simply titled “Marvel Rising”, and that there is an ongoing 5-issue miniseries that began in March, which I’m sure will be collected at some point.

    Finally, as much as I love super heroes, I am looking forward to a change of pace next episode.

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