Tough Like a Girl #37 – Mystique: Drop Dead Gorgeous

Lis and Nathaniel go on a secret mission with the baddest of the shape shifters in X-Men.

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6 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #37 – Mystique: Drop Dead Gorgeous

  1. Impressive podcast. Most impressive. I haven’t been the biggest fan of Mustique. First saw her in the MOHATU. The file cards. The 89 version. That are X-Men classic. When Ms. Marvel fought her in an issue. And as a big Rouge fan I saw her here and there. I also am not a fan of this comics art style. But, cool book. I would probly not be good as the secrets agent of the X-Men. They’d probly send me to save Parker Posie and Rose McGowan. And I’d break in be a foot from the villan and saving these women from downing…. and I’d heroically sit there and make a sand witch, but kill the villain aft wards to I….get vengeance. And then shake their hand and leave.

    Any way cool pod cast can’t wait till the next.

  2. I was glad to hear you mention Destiny! If you have 4 minutes to spare, google Marvel Straightening Up the House by eruthros. It’s a fanvideo about Fox, Marvel Studios, and Disney’s inability to include queer characters or straight washing canonically queer comics characters in their film adaptations. It’s got some great panels of Mystique and Destiny from older Mystique stories.

  3. Hi Nathaniel and Lis! Well, the individual issues from this story are on Marvel Unlimited, so I was able to read it in a night. My very boring comment is, I agree with you two. The art could have been better, but overall a fun read. Brian K Vaughan brought some interesting angles on Mystique’s powers, and answered once and for all that her clothes are actually part of her. For good or ill. Eesh!

    About her “big” move, bulking up and two faces, Mystique herself said she stays the same weight. So she looks physically impressive, but won’t be any stronger, and that plus having to handle the looking in 2 directions at the same time, makes sense this was an “almost killed me” move.

    I also liked the handler, Shortpack. My silly question, which doesn’t bother me just silly, is where does he get his clothes? Are they custom made, or are they Ken doll clothes? Because nothing says comfort like 100% polyester. The poor guy!

    Back to Mystique, I feel her character has definitely been adjusted over the years. Her original version was *not* ironic about “Evil Mutants”. She reveled in it. But I don’t have a problem with the softening that’s come in recent years now that she’s a movie star.

    So thanks for covering this one. It was an good, quick read. Until next time, my Punchers!

  4. I never got into the X-Men comics, so my only experience with Mystique is her appearances in the 90s cartoon show and the movies. As a result, I enjoyed learning about her history in print. Particularly, her transition from villain to reluctant anti-hero, which seems to be a common career path for baddies that are popular with the fans. As for this particular book, it looks like the creators came up with some creative uses for Mystique’s powers, which is a big selling point for me.

    Thanks for another great episode.

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