Tough Like a Girl #39 – I Hate Fairyland Vol. 1

Lis and Nathaniel take a violent look at a playful land.

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4 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #39 – I Hate Fairyland Vol. 1

  1. Impressive podcast. Most impressive. Huh it’s like if I was turned into a fairy kid. I wonder if I’d keep my U-tube page if was in the fairy land? I’d probly run around killing the magical evil creatures while blaring Aquia’s Cartoon heroes. While making U-tube vids. That’s Elizabeth Anne Oswalt. I mean it could be fun. A few Troll deaths. Beating witches to death with their own candy Cane support beams from their gingerbread house. Training werewolves to fetch. So many fun things to do. And I too have hearable direction since.

    Like that one guy in Rama 1/2. I don’t watch of anamie, but I always like Rama 1/2. Or how ever it’s titled. Any way back to the 35 yr old woman trapped in fairy land. What happens if she completes the quest? Her parents are older now. Probly gave her a funeral etc. Ware will she live? At home how does she get a job? Killing Bugbears does help you get a job at a restaurant as a hostess. Her only skills are killing things. And flying a magical hot air balloon.

    She’d have to become an assassin. Or work for the RS. Or she could be a dentist… after all she has a knack for causing pain. Will she still be in a 5 year old body? Will time have passed when she’s returned home? Not sure how annoyed the fair godmother is at her. Er the Fariy Queen, She may put her back at the night she left or age her up. Depending how annoyed she is. Also Gertrude? Her parents named her that? How long ago was she put in fairy land? Who would do that to a child? Was Maud to much for them?

    So wrong. Not only does she not age and in a fairy lad in her thirties. But her name is Gertrude. That’s warped. Though the Vanity gateway is kind of cool. For what ever reason I John Hillerman’s voice for Larry. Still seems like a cool comic.

  2. Oh while I’m pluging my own U tube page. That’s Elizabeth Anne Oswalt. Here’s a few other folks I kind of know on U-tube. That have cool pages.

    Kiri Morning
    That Junkman
    Robert Willing

    Anyway back to the story. The art work fits it. It’s such a tonal shift from the writing style it makes it work. Kind of like a heavy metal comic drawn by Carl Barks. Or a Ralph Bakshi
    film. A verry cartoony style, but a deafntyly adult comic. Almost a Comix. I could see Gertrude
    and Peace teaming up. Or her being a story in the first Heavy Metal movie. Since the second one was about F.A.K.K.² the first one had enough diffrent ideas thrown togther that this could work in it. Any way can’t wait to hear the next pod cast.

  3. Thank you for covering this book. I’m not a big fan of gratuitous violence, especially when it’s practiced against cute little creatures, so I’ll probably give it a pass. That said, it doesn’t hurt to know it’s out there.

    I also want to recommend a book that my entire family recently discovered (and fell in love with) to any interested punchers out there. It’s “The Tea Dragon Society” by Katie O’Neill, a sweet fantasy story that focuses on self discovery and relationships, rather than slaying monsters and looting dungeons.

  4. I haven’t tried this series, but I did get a Free Comic Book Day issue, got the gist, and can’t remember a single thing about it except for “there’s a murder child.” It was fine, and not really feeling the need to revisit it. But maybe a Comixology sale will lure me to this volume.

    The idea that this was therapy for Skottie Young is hilarious. Forgive me if you already knew this, but I remember Skottie’s breakthru work was on Marvel’s 2009 “Wizard of Oz” mini-series, which led to more mini-series, and gave him the rep of “cute art guy”. So that’s another spin on Fairyland: Dorothy is stuck in Oz, and goes postal. Yup, I can see it.

    Thanks for the light little romp, my punchers! (And I’m waiting for the day when new listeners finally ask, “why does Tim call them punchers? something’s wrong with that guy.”)

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