Tough Like a Girl #59 – Cub

Lis and Vera go back to the 70s for a story of a cub reporter and trying to navigate school life.

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4 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #59 – Cub

  1. Well, I guess I won’t be adding Cub to my reading list, because like Vera, I’m a bit tired of the middle school drama and not the target audience. If one of my kids bought this themselves, oh I’d borrow it from them just for curiosity’s sake, but I can’t see investing in it myself. Still, always nice to hear your discussions, so I’m glad for that.

    Maybe I’ll just share what I’ve read recently that’s in the ballpark of this show. I just finished the Black Widow series from 2014. I didn’t dig the reveal for the bad guy, but I was entertained so that’s something. Over on DCU’s app, I’ve read its issues of Far Sector, which is fantastic! Plus I’ve completed both Gotham Academy series, very fun. And I’m reading the Wonder Woman series by Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad. Not sure where it’s going but the journey is pretty great. Plus, talking squirrel so that’s a bonus. Finally speaking of Cloonan-Conrad, they’re the writers of the upcoming Batgirls series, and one of my podcasts covered their lead-in backup stories in Batman, and seriously, I’m loving it! The series promises to be just as good, so extremely excited for that!

    Well, I’m looking forward to next episode’s surprise. Take care, my punchers!

    1. I’ll second the DC’s Young Animals Far Sector series. I’ve become a big fan of N.K. Jemisin over the last year or so, and I was excited to learn she’s written a comic book.

      Do manga fall within the purview of this show? My daughter has been on a big manga kick recently, and I could ask her for some recommendations.

  2. Impressive podcast most impressive.This is Liz Anne Oswalt. Hi Vera. Hi Lis. The comic seems decent enough. Probably not one I would read. The main character dresses like I would think I would’ve dressed where I born right. Then again looking at my current dress. I’m probably wrong. Since I seem to dress more provocatively that I assumed I would have. Though I would’ve probably picked up that outfit on my own. But, then again maybe not. As an oddball Sigma this would be more to my unique sense of thinking. Our at least that’s what I imagine., But again judging by what I’m wearing and what I have born. Probably not. But I never did fit into the Alpha beta dynamic nor do I care to. Think we all covered are books in either paper or the dust jackets it would give us. Though we’d always turn them a round and draw on them.

    Don’t think I ever got bullied for reading comics. But for the well other thing. Who knows? Always he perceived the other thing was being wrong. Since people like to categorize. Entrance did not stick to their categories the other category. Not that, that’s a problem it is just not correct. While not totally. In October they perceived. Any rate the art style in this comic kind of reminds me of a book that was read to me when I was in the first grade. Ms. Nelson is missing. Not sure if they still use it. And also not sure if that fits into the category of graphic novel. More than likely just book with pictures. Our a little golden book. Any rate I always liked that book. Ms. Nelson spoilers pretending to be Viola Swamp was kind of a neat idea on her part. Though looking at the two images I’m not sure how she pulled it off. She must’ve been great at makeup specifically stage makeup. I read that one and on my own I read this Nelson’s back. In that one Ms. Nelson gets sick and her new classes were either going to get the swamp as their new sub teacher. But, they get a principal. To sub in.

    However, the kids get annoyed at him. And pretend to be Ms. Nelson to get rid of him. So once Ms. Nelson gets well she goes back into her secret identity of the swamp. Calling her that because that’s what the kids started to label that persona as in the book. Looking back your style wasn’t great, but to a small child it was pretty close to what this comic looks like. That’s pretty much all of it. I think there are probably more Ms. Nelson is missing books. But, sadly I only read the two. Granted the first was written to us by her teacher. And she did a great voice when she voiced Viola Swamp. Can’t wait to hear the next episode. Did I mention I’m still on U-tube?

  3. I’m late to the game commenting on this episode, but I can see how you could get tired of the whole middle school drama/first crush schtick. My own daughter, who is in the target demographic for those stories, is pretty tired of them.

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