Batman Family Reunion #4 Gallery

Awesome mug shots, but we wish that cover was more Christmassy red!

Hang on Commish!!

Evil Knievel's got nothing on Babs!


A New Look for Robin!  Yikes...

Wonderful PSA, but that one kid is creepy...

This...  ...says it all!

Anybody have that calendar?

Love the framing effect!

Silent sequence - great storytelling!

Oh man, Bruce!

Look hard for the guy on the stretcher - bottom right.

Out of the blue - John Broome!

Robin acrobatics while Batman chokes that guy!

And time for tea at the end!

2 responses to “Batman Family Reunion #4 Gallery

  1. I am enjoying your podcast and paused it to respond to your question about whether anyone listening ever ordered those revolutionary war figures. Yes, I was one of the suckers who did. They arrived in a tiny box and I was puzzled as to how could it possibly contain 200 plus soldiers, until I opened the box and saw that they were maybe an inch tall (if that), an ugly shade of green and so poorly molded that it was hard to figure out what most of the figures were supposed to be. They went into the garbage that night. It was the first and only time I ever ordered anything that was advertised in a comic. I learned from this experience and instead of wasting money on things like sea monkeys or “x-ray” specs, I wasted it on things like pizza and comics instead.


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