Cheers Cast 1.13: Now Pitching, Sam Malone

CHEERS Season 1, episode 13: “Now Pitching, Sam Malone”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Robert Land from Locked On Network.

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3 responses to “Cheers Cast 1.13: Now Pitching, Sam Malone

  1. Great guest for this episode, Ryan (must be the name).

    This is a particularly good show, lots of laughs but with a nice thorny moral dilemma at its heart. Like has been seen in previous episodes, Cheers once again gives (IMO) the best moment of the episode to a guest star—I think Barbara Babcock’s speech to Diane is fantastic, wonderfully real and certainly a bit ahead of its time in terms of portraying a woman taking charge of her own sexuality, and not apologizing for it.

    On his blog, Ken Levine talks about how tough it was to get anywhere near a decent line reading from the real life Baseball player that Sam steps in for in the commercial. I think it took him something like ten takes to get just that line or two out.

    Another cool bit—the ad Sam is in is pretty realistic. You could plausibly see it as a real ad, which gives this episode a nice extra touch of verisimilitude.

    Final note: I wish Xelnic McWawa was our current President!

  2. Oh yeah Barbara Babcock was the female voice Star Trek went with when it wasn’t Majel Barrett. Most famously, she was Trelaine’s mom. I guess if Assignment: Earth had gone to series, she would have stuck around as the Beta 5 computer.

    In the flesh, she is most recognizable as Mea 3 from A Taste of Armageddon and Philana in Plato’s Stepchildren, roles that have such similar fashion tastes that it’s really weird to reuse her in them. Obviously she appears in Mission: Impossible too, as seems mandated by any contract with Desilu.

    This has been your bit of Trek business.

  3. Nice bit of unintended foreshadowing for this episode, since Ted Kennedy will appear on Cheers as himself in a season of so.

    Between Barbara and Nick, this episode was definitely owned by the veteran performers. Excellent all around.

    Robert certainly didn’t sound like a relief guest. Great to have him on the podcast. Well done.

    Happy New Year!

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