Film & Water #67 – Artists and Models



Hey laaaaady! Rob welcomes comics legend PAUL KUPPERBERG to discuss the 1955 comedy ARTISTS AND MODELS, starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis as comic book creators!

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3 responses to “Film & Water #67 – Artists and Models

  1. Jeez, Rob, notable comic writers as guests? What’s next, you and your pal Kirk Douglas discussing Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure? (imagine that movie with Douglas and Burt Lancaster)

  2. Jerry Lewis is still working! He’s one of the celeb guests on the TCM cruise this month along with Kim Novak & Leslie Caron. I tend to like Jerry most when he’s doing some of his more serious work. I still recall his stint on the 1980s crime drama Wise Guy and The King of Comedy is terrific. If you’re looking for another 1950s comics-related film check out That Certain Feeling with Bob Hope, Eva Marie Saint,George Sanders, Pearl Bailey, & Jerry Mathers. Sanders is another of those comic strip guys living in the lap of luxury & Hope becomes his ghostwriter. Al Capp even shows up.

    My favorite Martin & Lewis moment is from the 1976 MDA telethon when Sinatra brought them back together after having not spoken in 20 years:

  3. Paul Kupperberg does a great Jerry Lewis!

    I had no idea this movie existed. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a Martin & Lewis movie all the way through. I’ve seen plenty of Jerry movies as a kid, and I remember my mom taking my sister and I to see one of his films at the theater, but I don’t recall which one.

    It’s refreshing to hear someone just admit they are a fan of Jerry Lewis. He’s kind of become the Aquaman of comedy in many ways. Despite his legendary status, and the billions of dollars his movies made, he’s treated like a punch line (he’s big in France), and it’s passe to admit you enjoy his work. I’m all for folks liking what they like. And millions of movie tickets sold have to say something for the guy…plus that 20 year comic run!

    Fun show!


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