Fire and Water Records: Soundtrack Selections 3

The show everyone is talking about is back! Soundtrack Selections returns with even more music from Fire and Water Records Original Motion Picture Soundtrack! Ryan Daly welcomes Rick Heinichen from Jeff and Rick Presents to share some more formative songs from movie soundtracks. Rick wastes no time bringing out the big gun soundtracks (Singles, Grosse Pointe Blank, The Crow) while Ryan channels High Fidelity to bring a particularly autobiographical approach to his choices, although, ironically none of the songs come from High Fidelity.

Track list

  1. "Who Wants to Live Forever" by Queen from A Kind of Magic / The Highlander
  2. "Hush" by Kula Shaker from I Know What You Did Last Summer
  3. "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd from The Wall
  4. "Romeo & Juliet" by Dire Straits from Can't Hardly Wait
  5. "Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns" by Mother Love Bone from Singles
  6. "Steal My Sunshine" by LEN from Go
  7. "Burn" by The Cure from The Crow
  8. "Dancing Queen" by ABBA from Summer of Sam
  9. "Am I Wrong?" by Love Split Love from Angus
  10. "Man On the Moon" by R.E.M. from Man On the Moon
  11. "Under Pressure" by David Bowie & Queen from Grosse Pointe Blank

Additional music by Ray Parker, Jr.; The Soggy Bottom Boys; Whitney Houston; Prince; Will Smith; Madonna; Seal; Irena Cara.

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25 responses to “Fire and Water Records: Soundtrack Selections 3

    1. All my other guests have invited themselves onto the show, Rob. Take the initiative.

      Also, you never struck me as a big movie guy, so…

      1. I’m waiting for the Soundtrack Selections Transformers the Movie Super Special where the whole episode is Rob expressing his newfound passion for the Hair Metal inspired soundtrack to the 1986 Transformers Animated movie.

  1. I’m glad Rick admitted to lip-synching to “Ice, Ice Baby”, because I can totally rap that whole song on command. And I knew and loved “Under Pressure” before it was released.

    Speaking of Vanilla Ice, I guess i could include “Ninja Rap” from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze as a “date movie” song selection…even though I was so dense I didn’t realize I was ON a date, and the girl ended up with another guy by the end of that night!!!

    Great show guys. I’m loving these. And if there are any soundtrack selections left by the time Ryan gets through his guest list, I’m in for one.


    1. The other guy might’ve ended up with your date, but you got to see Super-Shredder defeated by the power of… the weight of a wooden pier…?

  2. YES!!! Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns by Mother Love Bone! I love this song so freaking much! If you’re a fan of the song, check out Pearl Jam’s cover of it from one of their live performances!

    Another great episode! I love this show Ryan, keep cranking them out!

    1. One correction I want to make on Mother Love Bone & it’s impact, it was actually out of Andrew Wood’s death that Pearl Jam was formed. At the time Pearl Jam didn’t exist, because members, like bassist Jeff Ament, guitarist Stone Gossard, were actually in the band Mother Love Bone. After Wood’s death, the super group Temple of the Dog was formed to make one album in tribute to Andrew Wood, so Wood’s close personal friend, Chris Cornell, took himself & drummer Matt Cameron of Soundgarden, Ament & Gossard from Mother Love Bone & added guitarist Mike McCready, to form the group and record the album. But they wanted someone on back-up vocals, enter Eddie Vedder, who I believe was working at a car wash at the time and had gotten a demo tape to Chris Cornell, he came in, recorded some vocals, hit it off with the guys from MLB who were looking for another gig & so they added Vedder to the line-up and formed Pearl Jam. And the rest is history.

  3. I don’t know you, Rick, but i feel like I KNOW you!

    This may well be the greatest episode this network has produced without any involvement from me, real or imagined.

    Ryan, I feel you, bro. I feel you.

  4. “We started dating each other out of boredom.” No girl has ever been bored enough to date me. My wife and I started dating because of our mutual love of Star Wars. 🙂

    “Who Wants To Live Forever” is a great and melancholy song. Queen certainly hit the right tone for that scene in the movie.

    “Under Pressure”, likewise, is a great song and will be the only version of that bass track that is played in our house.

    I really don’t have much to say about the other tracks on this episode. I know a good portion of them, but they aren’t the kind of thing that I would seek out.

    Oh, and count me in as someone else who backs the idea of Ryan watching the original Highlander. I love that movie and the TV series (I still can’t listen to Dust In The Wind without seeing Duncan MacLeod). The other movies, not so much.

    1. My first real girlfriend and I started dating out of boredom. It was almost like the last two kids left in the gym after the Dodgeball teams were picked. Through that girlfriend I met a certain girl named Cindy, though…


  5. Great show guys. It would take essays for me to talk about REM. They defined a part of my life. Maybe my pick for best album of the ’80s is Fables. I still put it in rotation. Man on the Moon is a great track on a great album. Imho it reached another level when they took it out on tour. It became a banger. They used to close their shows with it. I saw them live from the 10th row in ’95. I lost my mind and never got it back. Live version if interested –

  6. When I was thinking of personal prospects for a Soundtrack Selections songlist, I realized that I could do a set of just songs from vampire movies, and I’m not even a bloodsucking aficionado. So keep me in mind for Halloween? Or the Republican National Convention? You’d think zombies would be my go-to, but everyone already knows all the great brain-eating songs. ROTLD OST and call it a night.

    I definitely had “Who Wants to Live Forever” on my mind at Eilean Donan Castle, and made sure Pakita saw the only Highlander movie beforehand. She thought it was okay when she bothered to stay in the room, and while I still enjoyed it, I have to confess it’s not one of my ageless favorites. The premise is so appealing, it’s managed to prop up nearly 35 years of lousy franchise expansion, so there’s plenty of room for a remake. The fact that I’d still be up for it after seeing The Quickening theatrically speaks volumes.

    I Know What You Did Last Summer lost me at Gorton’s Fisherman is the killer, but that Kula Shaker cover got enough radio play at the time, I know who Kula Shaker are.

    My sister really likes Pink Floyd. They got a few singles, I guess. I can muster more enthusiasm for Live (though her fixation on The Distance to Here when Throwing Copper is right there? smh.) Ditto Dire Straits, who I know from their couple or three big radio hits that I liked, but not enough to delve deeper. Jennifer Love Hewitt once hosted an MTV special where I found her insufferably cloying, so I pass on her oeuvre. I’ve seen most of Can’t Hardly Wait in bits and pieces while somebody else was watching it.

    I definitely preferred Singles, but I’ve never watched the DVD I bought and instead for various reasons keep seeing its lesser competitor Reality Bites. Some sweet cuts on that soundtrack, but I’ve never paid the slightest attention to Mother Love Bone (despite Kyle’s lengthy education on the band from the early days of Rolled Spine when people left comments.)

    I confess that until a few years ago, I thought Lit and Len were the same band, and thought “My Own Worst Enemy” was an unexpected turn in style. I also shared Ryan’s long term ambivalence toward the omnipresent one-hit wonder “Steal My Sunshine,” but have landed on the side of liking it, if only because stealing sunshine is my brand. To me, the video feels like a bunch of people who are really comfortable with each other genuinely having fun while mugging for the camera. Hard for even me to get mad at that. My *ahem* go-to song that reminds me of Go is No Doubt’s “New,” which I initially hated but eventually won me all the way over to becoming one of my favorites from the band. Go is an extremely good move that holds up exceptionally well while also being a perfect snapshot of who was young and hot (mostly on TV) in 1999. It is better than most Quentin Tarantino movies, much less his imitators, which is why I still have good will toward Doug Liman despite a dodgy resume. But the middle part with Simon does drag on, so it’s also got Tarantino indulgent bloat problems.

    We’re still probably going to do a Crow podcast sooner rather than later, but I will say “Burn” is an unimpeachable selection from a stellar soundtrack. Never saw Summer of Sam or most Spike Lee movies, to my shame. “Dancing Queen” is cute.

    I think the few people who know Angus exists do so because its soundtrack was the only place you could get Green Day’s “J.A.R.”, a quasi-exclusivity radio took full advantage. I didn’t know “Am I Wrong” was on the soundtrack, as my introduction was 120 Minutes and the occasional spin on college radio. I immediately fell for and related to the tune, enough to buy the full Love Spit Love album used from Blockbuster Music. It’s more of the same, but not as good; a solid background noise selection for the CD carousel. I did feel cool when Charmed got started and I knew the band covering The Smiths for the title song.

    I never liked “Man On the Moon”.

    “Under Pressure” was well used in Grosse Point Blank, and despite over a decade together, I’ve never forgiven Pakita for not liking it. She’s so-so on High Fidelity, too. Great, but also “easy” soundtrack. Just put all the biggest hits from cooler, left of mainstream acts together. Source music by Rhino Records. I prefer High Fidelity making it a personal mission to find some swell songs I never heard of just to blow me away.

  7. First of all, great song choices. I’m happy that the longer this series goes, the more deep dives we get to discover. I have to admit, i was worried that it would be all “Titanic” or “The Bodyguard” type stuff. Which (whether you like or not) are obviously memorable, but almost too on-the-nose. So i grow more and more impressed with this series as it continues to gain momentum and popularity.

    As Ryan can attest, i’ve got a personal connection to many of the late ’90s teen angst indie films (Can’t Hardly Wait, Empire Records, Go, Suburbia, etc) because these were movies for which i was most likely auditioning. You can NEVER go wrong when referencing the “Singles” soundtrack. And “Go” gave the world their first major glimpse at the comedic genius that is Timothy Olyphant.

    But when exactly did F&WR Soundtrack Selections become relationship therapy for Ryan? As much as I’ve always known what songs you liked from what movies; I can’t help but feel like i never really knew you, after all. But strangely enough, for the first time in my life, i feel like i owe you a hug.

    …nevermind, it passed…

  8. Well, that didn’t take long. Only the third show and I’ve seen none of these movies.
    Ryan did get me reminiscing about some movies dates I’ve had, though! That’s why Earth, Wind and Fire’s version of Got to Get You Into My Life will always be a favorite!

  9. Thank You, Rick, for sharing “Am I Wrong” – I hadn’t heard of the song or the movie, but it sounds right in my wheelhouse! iTunes has provided a copy (which I will now play to death!)

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