Fire & Water #190 – Justice League of America #s 203-205

Shag and Rob continue their classic JLA talk, taking a look at JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #s 203-205, featuring the JLA vs. The Royal Flush Gang (and a surprise guest), by Gerry Conway, Don Heck, and Romeo Tanghal! They wrap up with some of YOUR Listener Feedback!

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14 responses to “Fire & Water #190 – Justice League of America #s 203-205

  1. Here’s a comment on one of the promos for JL May :
    I’m so glad you all are going to take on Alex Ross’ Justice maxi-series. When I got Ross to sign my absolute edition I told him this is one of my favorites. It’s the version of the characters & DCU I love best. Just about everyone gets a shining moment – especially Aquaman. As a kid who grew up on the Challenge of the Superheroes, it takes me back to all those Saturday mornings of days gone by. I’m already counting down the days.

  2. Jack was also in Secret Society of Super Villains 2-4 as Hi-Jack.

    I gotta say, I can only hear Victor Garber reading Stein’s dialog.
    Heck and Tanghal’s art is perfectly serviceable. I like it a lot more than the well-past-his-prime Carmine Infantino work that was being pushed on us in Flash at the time.

  3. I loved last episode’s sting!

    More shows like this, please.

    I look forward to seeing Rob “bro out” for his Momoaquaman. He was asking me about “gettin’ some fierce ink” on his “guns” and “ab plates.”

  4. Great show talking about great comics. I liked Heck and Tanghal so it was good to hear some love for the art. And Conway’s script was as terrific as we’d come to expect, with smart plot movement and fine character work.

    I think the bit about Ralph being shocked by Sue kissing him was because it just felt wrong, he know she his wife.

    And I praised the stinger Rob, you just recorded this episode too early!

  5. Shag: “I know some liberals who are insufferable.” My ears were burning until I realized your target was a lot closer.

    I’ve mentioned this on Power of Fishnets in the past but I think the reason Green Arrow has never been one of my favorite characters is because I see too much of myself in him. Ollie is a grating, self-righteous liberal with a retrograde possessiveness toward Black Canary. I read superhero comics for escapism, damnit!

    Speaking of Black Canary, I love her part in Justice League of America #205, the only one of these issues that I’ve read. Great coverage of these issues, guys. Awesome episode!

  6. The first I heard of the Flushers was against Wonder Woman, the Ten therein was apparently a close friend of Diana Prince, Mike Bailey. (No relation to his namesake behind the Fortress of Baileytude). Hammond’s goading must have summoned Stein’s memories of Brad Baxter, leading to a George McFly moment three years before George himself was ever seen.

  7. I feel like at least 90% of Firestorm’s training out to be making him stand in front of a blackboard and write “I can become intangible” hundreds of times.

  8. I save the promos that download off of Fire & Water to my tablet and leave them there until I finally get around to plugging them into a podcast. I already intended to put TreasuryCast in the most recent episode of Diana Prince, but it was nice to hear that show get plugged here first regardless.

    I think my earliest exposure to the Royal Flush Gang was the Justice League special from 1992 when Dan Jurgens and Ron Randall took over the titles. They were played as losers there, and I’ve never been able to see them otherwise. I actually bristle when they show up in a League title/cartoon because I always feel like they’re wasting everyone’s time.

    Romeo Tanghal is an inker that I’ve always hated on Perez and other greats, but as I read more Bronze and Iron Age comics, I’m finding myself thankful when he’s around to spruce up lesser lights like Don Heck.

  9. I only had the 2nd two parts of this story, so once again, damn newsstand distribution. But I really dug this one! And it set me up for that great Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians episode with the Royal Flush Gang and the Joker. That episode had some similarities to these comics, especially in the Gang’s HQ!

    Have you guys ever seen any of Heck’s JLA pencils? I dare say he suffered the same fate as Curt Swan often did. There is lots of subtle shading in his pencils that most inkers simply ignored, or just didn’t know how to interpret. I will say Tanghal seems to be one of the best inkers Heck had. This is good stuff, although I’ll disagree with Shag; Dillin was no slouch at drawing gorgeous women!

    These JLA episodes have been lots of fun guys. Good on ya for doing them.


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