Fade Out – John Garfield


Episode 14 - John Garfield's HE RAN ALL THE WAY with Special Guest Michael Kronenberg.

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10 responses to “Fade Out – John Garfield

  1. Thanks for a great episode, and what a perfect guest! I may have to go back and listen to the two of you talk about my favorite treasury again. I may never see this film — as the father of daughters, I would spend the whole movie waiting for the lead to get shot, and that doesn’t sound enjoyable — but John Garfield and his films are now on my radar, and I thank you.

    I applaud him for standing by his principles, even at great cost. He seemed to have to same resolute fatalism as the characters in some of his films — “Everybody’s gotta die,” “You shouldn’t push me”, etc. I’m glad his funeral was so well-attended, and he was so well-loved, even at the end. All by itself, that must have been a poke in the eye of the blacklisters.

  2. While I consider myself quite knowledgeable on films, I can’t claim I’m familiar with Garfield or He Ran All the Way. I have seen and enjoyed both The a desperate Hours with Bogart and Suddenly with Sinatra. This sounds like another fine entry into that particular sub genre. I’ll have to check it out.
    Fade Out has been a fantastic podcast so far, and I eagerly await each new installment as it has introduced me to a couple of fascinating films. Thank you for furthering my film education.

  3. Great episode. I only know John Garfield’s name in passing. I don’t think I’ve seen any of his films, which now makes me feel like I’ve missed out on a lot.

    I do know a tiny bit about Wallace Ford. He appeared in two Universal Horror films, The Mummy’s Hand and The Mummy’s Tomb, as the same chararacter, even though they got his character’s last name wrong in the sequel!

    1. You gotta live the continuity of those Universal Mummy movies! The location of the events transfers from Massachusetts to Louisiana between the 3rd and 4th movies!

  4. Thanks for a terrific episode, it was so wonderful to have such a knowledgeable and passionate chap as Michael chatting to you Rob. You’re great at conducting these conversations, Rob, getting the best out of your guest. There were many great insights and opinions from both of you.

    I’ve never seen John Garfield in Gentleman’s Agreement. I wonder if that’s where Robert Kanigher got the idea for his Lois Lane story ‘I am curious, black’.

  5. Before listening to this podcast, the only knowledge that I had of John Garfield was from the J. Peterman catalog, They have a John Garfield shirt and here’s the description:
    “Rebellious. He was ahead of his time. There had been actors before who were animals. There had been actors with brains. Actors who had heart. Actors who were “sensitive.” Actors who had a body. Actors who looked like they might explode if you weren’t careful. What nobody remembered ever seeing before was an actor, or a person, who was born with all that. John Garfield was born with all of it; none of it was an act. He didn’t know he had any of it; if he did know, he never let it show. Men liked him as well as women, maybe because he wasn’t “pretty.” He wasn’t even good-looking. People remembered him fondly for being in movies he was never in. This is because he had a quiet but very far-reaching effect on how people acted, talked, moved, argued, flirted, scratched, laughed, lit cigarettes, entered rooms, shook hands and dressed. It was John Garfield who made wearing shirts like the one shown here OK. In fact, he wore a black silk shirt before gangsters did; before Mediterranean millionaires and Tunisian tycoons even thought of it. JG Silk Shirt Slim-Fit Style (No. 6362). 25 mm silk. Smoked pearl buttons. Single-needle throughout. Imported.”
    I do not know if Elaine Benes wrote that

  6. Another great episode. This came at a great time as I had just seen ‘Castle on the Hudson’ on TCM which was shown on their Anne Sheridan day.

    I love Breaking Point, probably my favorite Garfield movie. It is one of those movies that every time I see it on TV I DVR or watch live. Powerful. But He Ran All The Way is another winner, especially the ending which took me by complete surprise when I first saw it.

    I think the thing with Garfield is he had a boyish and innocent looking face which made him all the more sympathetic in his hard-luck roles like here and Postman. It just works. I have never seen Gentlemans Agreement but will have to search it out.

    Thanks again for a great episode and a really great conversation! Superb podcast!

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