FW Presents: Acts of Vengeance: AVENGERS #312 and #313

On a special tie-in episode of FW Presents, Ryan Daly welcomes his hometown friend and first-time guest Jake Imm to discuss THE AVENGERS #312 and #313. In these chapters, part of the 1989 crossover event "Acts of Vengeance" members of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes are rocked back when a cabal of super-villains sends adversaries against them who the heroes have never faced before.

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Music featured in this episode: “New Avengers" by Danny Elfman from the soundtrack to Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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7 responses to “FW Presents: Acts of Vengeance: AVENGERS #312 and #313

  1. “If anyone remembers who Quasar is.”

    If anyone remembers who Quasar is!?!?! The Cosmic Avenger!?!? The Protector of the Universe!?!? The Kevin Bacon of the Marvel Universe!?!?! That Quasar?

    Never heard of him.

    Oops. Sorry, Ryan. I stole your bit there. 😉

  2. The one thing I remember the most about this crossover event was an issue of Incredible Hulk. The starring villain was the Gray Gargoyle, who, when asked by Hulk why he was attacking him said: “To gain revenge on Thor and Iron Man.” To which Hulk sarcastically replies “Well that makes tons of sense. You hate this guy, so you attack some other guy!” Proceeds to do some damage to GG, then tells him “Don’t worry…if I ever want revenge on you, I’ll go after someone really tough…like Dan Quayle!”

  3. The best match of the crossover bar none is Daredevil vs. Ultron. Ann Nocenti and John Romita Jr. made it so weird and wonderful.

    Meanwhile Ultron’s actual foes were doing this.

  4. Thanks for a wonderful episode, I’ve somehow never read this crossover and you and Jake – great debut, sir! – have me chomping at the proverbial.

    So, as I can’t comment on the story, random bits ahoy!

    Fave Avengers – Hawkeye, Wasp and Hellcat.

    Avalanche looked odd in #312, has he had a full-face mask previously? He looked like Rom, Spaceknight.

    White Vision is do dull, I can’t believe he lasted so long. Who would prefer him outside of a lazy colourist? And it’s not like he was even white, he was more like sour milk.

    Excellent observations on the artwork from Jake – Paul Ryan is someone I was never unhappy to see on a comic, but I couldn’t have said what his particularly style looked like (being inked by the great Tom Palmer doesn’t help, he made every artist look, at first glance, like John Buscema). Jake helped a great deal there… I’d love to hear him on Siskoid’s One Panel show.

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