FW Presents – Find Your Joy: Marvels Snapshots #1: Sub-Mariner


Rob, Ryan, and Chris celebrate the return of Alan Brennert to comics by reviewing Marvels: Snapshots #1 starring Sub-Mariner, drawn by Jerry Ordway! Then, in Part 2 of the show, Rob talks with Alan Brennert himself about writing the book!

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10 responses to “FW Presents – Find Your Joy: Marvels Snapshots #1: Sub-Mariner

  1. Fun show guys. I enjoyed your conversation as well as the interview. Alan sounds real personable and his enthusiasm comes through. Very interesting to hear his thought process.

  2. Terrific episode, very decent guests! I loved this issue, I’d definitely like more from Brennert and Ordway. And yes to more Marvel work – and hopefully DC – from Alan. I’d love to see him tackle Avengers, I’m sure he’d recapture the classic tone while bringing new insights and themes.

    And consider me in for the contest – I’ve submitted the five-star review, but it’s not showing up yet, it usually takes a day… watch for a review on Apple Podcasts (iTunes as was) Europe from MartaLex.

  3. Please interview Alan with Martin Pasko about the comic book writers that made the transition to screenwriters before and after them.

  4. Great episode, gentlemen. It was nice to hear from the Knightcasters, and the Alan Brennert interview was exceptional. At one point in the episode, you guys suggested a Miss America/Betty Dean Disney+ series, but why stop there. I would love to see a Disney+ All-Winners Squad series written by Alan Brennert.

  5. Such a great show! Enjoyed the rundown of the book. Since I recently – like a few months ago – read Brennert’s Palisades Park, I just love that the story in this book is set there.
    And, of course, I just loved the interview with Brennert. It’s always great to hear from him – esp. when he floats the possibility of doing more comics. He’s pretty much the only writer besides Jeff Parker I’d accept on Agents of Atlas, and when he mentioned Mystery Men my brain started spinning with the possibilities.
    Needless to say, I want this issue so bad – preferably with the Ordway cover. I looked over the variants at Lone Star, and I have to say, Ordway’s just blows all the other ones out of the water.

    1. Just have to add, in line with my observation about Parker and Agents of Atlas: Brennert is the only other writer besides Alan Moore that I’d find acceptable doing a Top 10 story.

  6. What a great comic book! What a great show! What a great interview!
    I couldn’t get on to the apple podcast page, but if I could I would give you a five star review! Keep up the great work, everyone!
    And that includes you, Alan! :-)

  7. What a delight to listen to this show! I have been anticipating this book and I was glad to hear such a positive response from you. And what treat to hear directly from the author! When I buy this book, someday the comic shops will be open again, I believe this will be the first new Marvel comic that I will have purchased in about 30 years. I was hesitant to pick up last year’s Invaders book as it really didn’t feature a team-up of the main characters, but now I think I’ll just support Jerry Ordway’s work.
    Regarding Palisades Park: I surmise that Ryan has no DC (National) Comics form the early 60s in his collection. They had ads for Palisades Park featuring Superman and Batman encouraging readers to clip a coupon from the comic and go to the Park! Also, Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon had a hit record called “Palisades Park!”

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