FW Presents: Jack Kirby Gallery

Kirby art, stories and concepts discussed in our birthday celebration!

Galactic Head, 1969

An example of Simon and Kirby's Captain America from the Golden Age.

As Bass pointed out, let's not forget Simon and Kirby created the Romance Comic!

The first Cosmic Cube saga!

Kirby at the top of his Thor game!

From the epic scope of the Galactus saga...

...to the very private "This Man...This Monster!", Kirby could do it all.

Greatest example of Kirby Krackle? (or is that just crackle with a "C"?)

Kirby goes to DC, and Jimmy tells Superman to beat it! The Silver Age is OVER!!!

Iconic Orion image!

Kirby's greatest contribution to DC...Darkseid.

No damn dirty apes, just The Last Boy On Earth!

Etrigan is a favorite of many of our panel!

Okay, I'll admit, I would have pooped my pants if I saw this as a kid.

Paranex the Fighting Fetus!!! Don't ask, JUST BUY IT!!!

Kirby's Super Powers work won many of us over.

Just for fun, here is the re-interpretation of Galactic Head by Chris' computer art class, about 23 years ago. Chris' segment is in the lower left corner.

The King.


One response to “FW Presents: Jack Kirby Gallery

  1. A very nicely done ep guys. I very fitting tribute to celebrate such an amazing visionary.

    For me it will always come back to the Silver Surfer. Not his most popular creation but definitely my favourite. X-men also are high on the list as with most people my age X-men is where it all began for so many of us.

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