FW Presents: Those Wonderful Christmas Toys Gallery

Young Rob assembles his fully operational battle station.

Various images of our favorite toys from around the web, including Mego Museum.com, yojoe.com, and heman.org among others.

The Kenner Death Star in all it’s well-thought-out glory.

My kids insist the kid on the Batcave box looks like young me. He does, but every kid was issued that bowl-cut in the 70s.

Hound was one of the better designed original G1 Transformers. Bass has good taste!

Mattel REALLY liked to reuse molds. Hence the VERY similar Faker and Battle Armor He-Man.

Is that Earl Norem art on that box? And the Super Friends drops by to bring Hulk some bean dip.

UTINI!!! Er…I mean YO JOE! The incredibly fortified Mobile Command Center!

The special “for-Chris-only” He-Man and Battle Cat gift set. Look at that box art! Remember what I said about Mattel reusing molds? Battle Cat started out as a Big Jim tiger!

The interior of Castle Grayskull…most of which is missing from Chris’ childhood copy now.

The massive box that scared the beejeezus out of a young weiner at Christmas.

Now you’re playing with POWER. My version of the gun was gray before regulations dictated all of the orange.

The Disney Afternoon was omnipresent back in the day. Good stuff.


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