FW Presents: Those Wonderful Toys 11 Gallery

Picture from Tomart’s Guide to Action Figure Collectibles, Update 1992 Edition

Chris’ personal Lone Ranger collection:

Photos courtesy of Plaid Stallions:


From Marvel Comics in the 80s:http://marvel1980s.blogspot.com/2014/06/1982-lone-ranger-western-town.html








2 responses to “FW Presents: Those Wonderful Toys 11 Gallery

  1. I still have my 3&3/4 inch Lone Ranger, Tonto and Butch figures from the Gabriel line! (They often teamed up with G.I. Joe durning zany time travel adventures. Thank you comic books!) and the advertisements for the Free Western Town seemed to be printed on the back of every single Marvel Comic book published in 1982.

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