FW Presents: Those Wonderful Toys Ep.3

Chris Franklin spins a web Mego-size, spotlighting the 8” Amazing Spider-Man and his Amazing Spider-Car from Mego’s legendary World’s Greatest Super Heroes toyline!

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Clip credits:

“Toyland” by Doris Day

Audio clips from Spaceballs, Batman (1989), and Batman: The Animated Series,

Clip from Spider-Man (1967) “The Witching Hour”

Clip from Spider-Man 2

Clip from Robot Chicken

End credit theme from The Amazing Spider-Man (TV Pilot, 1977)

16 responses to “FW Presents: Those Wonderful Toys Ep.3

    1. I mistakenly said the Alley playset was to come with the Spider-Car, but the commercial clearly says it was to be “sold separately”. Either way, it was a neat toy, and it’s too bad it never came out. I would have wanted one for sure!


  1. Oh–forgot to mention–I love the idea you used one of the Dukes as a sub for Peter Parker. Kids have no problems when it comes to stuff like that, they mix universes as it suits them (my Super Powers JLAers often fought the Emperor’s Royal Guard from the ROTJ line). Another reason we didn’t need the Crisis to “streamline” the DCU!


    1. Exactly! I mixed in Star Wars with GI Joes. I used Joes, Transformers (your favorite) and Remco’s Mighty Crusaders with my Super Powers and Secret Wars figures. Scale need not apply!


  2. Thank you for that history of the Mego Spider-Man! I know I once had access to the big Mego Spidey (along with Batman, Robin and the Batmobile), and I say access because they soon disappeared, so I’m guessing they were a neighbor’s or uncle.

    What’s next? Planet of the Apes toys? 😉

    1. Naw, I’m not much of an Apes guy (sorry Rob), and I’m kind of done riding movie coattails for a bit. Glad I didn’t try to cover the Mego CHiPs figures to tie into THAT movie a few months ago!!! Ugh.


      1. I loved CHiPs as a kid, but, after seeing the trailers, you could not pay me to see the new movie. I couldn’t stand to have my childhood joy mocked and mangled in such a way.

  3. Man, Spidey sure had some nice wheels for a struggling freelance photographer. I never saw this one as a kid, but I know I would have loved the web trap feature. I am just disappointed that, in this day in age, a web trap is still considered an option, rather than coming as a standard feature. At least, that was the case with the last vehicle my wife and I purchased.

    The only Spider-Man vehicle I had as a kid was the black Spider-Man car produced by Hot Wheels in 1979 as part of their Heroes line. Of course, since it was Spidey’s car, I always assumed it could drive up walls.

    1. Well, the Spider-Car didn’t have a back-up camera, so, it’s a bit of give and take.

      I still have that Hot Wheels car! Looks like a rolling tarantula. The wheels on mine were always slightly bent.


      1. Hah! That’s the one. I had forgotten all about the bent wheels, but that was true of mine, as well. Seems appropriate that Spider-Man would get stuck with a car that had wobbly wheels.

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