FW Presents: Mountain Comics #14 – Batman #341


Rob welcomes comics legend Gerry Conway to the cabin to discuss BATMAN #341, featuring three stories: “The Ghost of Wayne Mansion”, “Murder Will Out”, and “Night of the Coven”!

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11 responses to “FW Presents: Mountain Comics #14 – Batman #341

  1. Oh, wow. Wonderful episode! Always love it when a creator joins in on the discussion, especially when it’s a legend like Gerry Conway. In fact, this is at least the second time you’ve had him on a show – maybe it’s time to see if he wants to launch his own podcast on the network?

  2. FYI, the Sherlock Holmes story that Gerry referred to is “The Adventure of the Empty House!” which was indeed the first story in The Return of Sherlock Holmes. Holmes uses the dummy to lure an assassin out of hiding after Holmes had been missing for three years (and presumed dead!) after “The Final Problem.”

  3. Gerry Conway! Awesome! Love hearing his insights not just on this issue but in Irv Novick and other artists. Would love to hear him on for an episode discussing his greatest creation, Power Girl (sorry Shag).. Or his All-Star Comics run. Or Secret Society of Super-Villains. Or his interactions with Roy Thomas. Sorry, I am fanboy geeking here!

    Thank you for preparing this episode Rob, and this series which is reminiscent of my childhood road trips as a kid looking for comic books I couldn’t find locally. Some real gems on those trips.

  4. Well, that was a treat of an episode, it’s great to hear Gerry’s insights. I have to wonder how Dr Thirteen has any kind of a reputation in the DCU, he’s always played as such as a sap. I need to check out his earliest stories in the… Fifties?

    Silly old Batman, he should have known it was Kirk the second he heard that SKREEEEE!

    Rob, Rob, that story didn’t tell us it was Rupert Thorne. Spoilers!

    That two-page minute mystery was truly terrible. Who could work that out? I found it amusing editor Dick Giordano bothered to have a reference added to the Gotham politics in the regular Batman stories.

    The Robin tale was great, I liked that period when the original Teen Titans has disbanded and appearances by the members were a huge treat.

    I never get people not getting Irv Novick. Growing up, he was THE Flash artist, and I loved his Batman stuff, it always reminded me of Dillon and Adams.

    1. It was funny to hear Rob say that Novick’s style wasn’t flashy… Irv Novick was MY Flash artist growing up. So much so that it took me a while to get used to Carmine Infantino’s style when I’d come across any reprints.

  5. Great episode! Always a treat to hear Gerry on the network. I was a HUGE fan of his Batman run, even if my collection has holes in it…like this one! He definitely upped the horror angle with stories like this, and culminating in the Batman-as-vampire storyline when Gene Colan came in.


  6. Sweet – an appearance by my second favorite Conway ! (Tim is a tough act to follow.)

    Thanks- this was fun. I always like returning to old Batman tales before the ridiculous UberBat portrayal.

    One question though – what’s the significance of the closing/outro music? Usually I get the association, but not with this one.

  7. Amazing! Gerry Conway on the podcast! I’m so glad that Michael Bailey and Andrew Leyland will be exploring these stories, I trust, on their Overlooked Dark Knight podcast. Conway’s run on Batman is shamefully overlooked! He not only provided Batman with bizarre villains and chewy mysteries, he explored the relationships Bruce had with Selina Kyle, Dick Grayson, etc. He explored the inner workings of Gotham City with a great mayoral contest pitting an anti-Batman candidate versus an anti-Commissioner Gordon candidate. He was able to keep Batman as a recognizable DC property and still move the character forward in subtle ways. With art by Irv Novick, Don Newton, Gene Colan, and Alfred Alcala! Good stuff!
    Although, I am still mad at him for killing off Mr. Terrific.

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