FW Presents: Coming Attractions

The Fire & Water Podcast Network is hard at work on new mini and maxi series, and in this episode of FW Presents, we’ll give you “Episode 0” of two of them: FW Team-Up (Siskoid, Network and friends) and Kung Fu Friday (Siskoid and Dr. G), plus a preview of Superman Movie Minute (Rob and Chris), all releasing episodes in 2017. Get in on the ground floor!

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28 responses to “FW Presents: Coming Attractions

  1. HIGHLY looking forward to FW Team-Up! I’ve got all of those titles from 1978 forward, so I will be eagerly awaiting this one. Any thoughts about covering the recent DC/Hanna-Barbera team-up specials?

  2. I remember USA Network’s Kung-Fu Theater show on Saturdays! I don’t recall much of it, but I do remember seeing Super Sentai there for the first time, several years before they were imported here as Power Rangers.

    Man, USA used to be a fun channel. They also had Commander USA’s Groovy Movies. Great B-grade stuff!


  3. Lots of good content ahead! I came to know the DCU due to all those Aparo Brave & the Bolds. I love all the cool team ups that Dynamite has been doing of late like Tarzan & Sheena. The Tarzan & the Planet of the Apes was surprisingly good.

    I’m really looking forward to the Superman minute show! However I don’t think even I could handle a series devoted to Superman 3!

    1. Just imagine three to four whole episodes discussing the nuances of Richard Pryor and Chuck Cunningham getting drunk! Giant foam cowboy hat! What’s not to love?


  4. Love Siskoid’s idea for a film show! Here’s what we need to see: some Tsui Hark. Some Corey Yuen. Some Donnie Yen. And if you have time, John Woo. Flying pigeons in slo-mo. We all get it.

  5. These all sound great.

    I was just about to make my list of team-up books I would love to guest spot on when I heard it was only a mini-series. Ah well. These books were a gateway to the expanded universe for me. There were plenty of characters who I met in these books – Kamandi, Adam Strange, Unknown Soldier, Ms Marvel, Tigra, Sons of the Dragon – that made me interested in the bigger universe. I am hopeful the Claremont/Byrne run on MTU is brought up along the way.

    As for Kung Fu, the local channel had the ‘Creature Double Feature’ which showed Gamera/Godzilla/etc movies on Saturday afternoons. But in the summer, they would switch it to Kung Fu movies. I watched them all with giddy awe. Looking forward to this too!

    1. A mini-series opens the proceedings, but it will spawn further “seasons” and may well replace First Strike when that ends (as it must), with occasional “specials”. The first 6 are just the trial period. On BOTH shows, in fact. I’d love to have you on. You named a couple of my favorites there.

      Funny you should use the expression “Double Feature” because we’re now leaning on two movies (under the same theme) per show. And though we’re not doing kaiju films in the first lot, I think they’re totally fair game too.

    1. I can tell you, Chuck, that no less than five different SMF episodes have been discussed or planned out, but how and when they come together… uncertain.

  6. Good luck with the new shows. The team-up programme is a no-brainer, I hope the Atom’s quest in Super-Team Family gets a mention, along with the more obvious classics such as Project Pegasus and the Serpent Crown Affair. This needs to be ongoing.

    I’ve never listened to Star Wars Minute (I’ve seen and enjoyed some of the films but feel no real connection) or Goodfellas Minute (never seen it, stupid pointy collars) but the preview chat for the Superman Movie show sounded great.

    I’ve never seen a Kung Fu film, despite loving the original Shang-Chi; I did once see an episode of Monkey (Magic) and the Water Margin, so may try an episode! Oh, and I’m a big fan of Henry, the mild-mannered janitor.

    1. We’re making the show with neophytes in mind. More than just showing love for these flicks, it’ll also be about recommending seminal Asian cinema for people who might be interested in the genre, but don’t know where to start.

      Team-Up will become a regular thing. This first burst is just a set of training wheels

  7. I’m very much in favor of these 6-episode runs. With my podcasting queue already too long to get through as it is (I’ve still got several-month old Doctor Who audios I haven’t gotten to yet!), I might not have bothered with the Team-Ups podcast as an ongoing commitment, but I’m intrigued enough to commit to a less open-ended commitment. Maybe you’ll win me over!

  8. The anthology/special/sampler FW Presents is a swell addition to the network, and I especially got a kick out of this “upfront” preview (plus I love that ABC ?night movie opening music, which is why I’ve used it myself.) We’re currently undergoing “Peak Podcast,” so I also like the idea of more limited engagement programs, although I think FW Team-Up can and will work as an open-ended affair. I just don’t like that being contingent on First Strike ending, and hope the Siskoid/Bass team have other logs for the fire.

  9. Love these ideas. How about everyone swaps shows for a few months. I wanna hear Pod Dylan done by the OHOTMU bunch. Cindy will have to stay with Super-Mates for the concept to work, coming soon on the Fire & Wifeswap network.

  10. Really looking forward to the Team-Up show! The MTIO Project Pegasus saga was one of my early introductions to Marvel, Byrne and Perez and DCCP with JLGL (PBHN) were instant classics.

    Your comment about using Team-Up books to introduce or explain new continuity reminded me of the Marvel Ultimate Universe Team-Up book from 2001 which reintroduced a number of characters into the Ultimate Universe. It seemed to be doing exactly what you suggested.

    I’d love to see DC try a team-up book again but if Waid/Perez or JMS can’t make B&B a sales success I’m not sure who can.


    Funny how the ideas I noodle on find their way out of my noggin and gain life somewhere else. Gonna have to think harder about that winning the lottery thing. . .

    I’m looking forward to the team-up tales for certain!

    1. I’ve been prepping this thing for about a year. There’s something in the air. COMIC BOOK PUBLISHERS, THIS IS A SIGN THAT YOU MUST PUBLISH OLD SCHOOL TEAM UP BOOKS ONCE AGAIN!

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