FW Team-Up: Spider-Man and Frog-Man

She fell in love with him on oHOTmu or NOT, now she's back to defend him on FW Team-Up. Amelie Montour sides with the frogs in the Fabulous Frog-Man's second ever appearance, as he and the veteran Spider-Man go head to head with the White Rabbit in Marvel Team-Up #131! It's an all animal episode, please keep your hands outside the cage!

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21 responses to “FW Team-Up: Spider-Man and Frog-Man

      1. Maybe it wasn’t a common name, but that was the height of Ms. Zadora’s popularity, so I can see anyone named “Mia” being jokingly referred to as “Pia.” Not that I’ve ever personally known anyone name either Mia or Pia, but I can see it happening.

  1. More Frog-Man! I loved this comic as a kid, and still do. Just a lot of fun. Spidey was often jerkish to others. I think you can look at it as Peter being so self-involved, he was easily frustrated when other problems piled onto his owns, hence him being short tempered with Eugene.

    Before Shag can get around to it, I thought White Rabbit was kind of hot, but fishnets would have REALLY put her over. Good call. But yeah, her umbrella was a little TOO much into Penguin territory. That may have been the point, to make her a Batman villain, and in particular a Batman villain in the vein of the 60s TV show, but I think another weapon would have worked better for her. Maybe a gimmick pocket watch?

    Always fun to hear Amelie (or any of the oHOTmu Girls) outside of her usual show. Not quite a team-up, but you guys should do an FW Presents on ASM #266 with Frog-Man and the Toad!


  2. Since I can never tell which voice is which on OHOTMU, I appreciate these “Solo Avengers” spotlights with one of the girls on FW Team-Up.

    I kind of find White Rabbit alluring. Make of that what you will.

    And clearly Frog-Man will appear in MCU Phase 4.

  3. I will admit, I liked the little pink nose.

    I did find Spider-Man’s attitude towards Frogman to be weird. After all, Spidey was a young hero trying to right a past wrong in his early career.

  4. Roger Hochberg was part of the Teaching Assistant crowd Peter Parker Jung around with in the 80’s. He’s primarily a Spectacular Spider-Man character under Roger Stern but DeMatties uses him a fair bit most notably in his Kraven’s Last Hunt sequel. The whole Team Up run by DeMattheis and Gammil is such so good.

  5. As a long-time Louisville, KY resident, I can affirm that the correct pronunciation of the city’s name has long been a subject of heated debate. However, there is one point at which there is near-universal agreement:

    The “s” should be silent.

      1. I thought about mentioning the fact that there are several other “Louisvilles” in the country. The one in KY is probably the most famous, but there are others. I think that some of those others DO pronounce the “s.”

        It’s only obvious when you already know. My apologies if my correction came off as harsh.

          1. Around here (Central KY) we say “Lewie ville”, “Lew ville”, and “Lew-AH-ville”. Of course the whole state calls the town of Versailes not “Ver Sigh” as they should, but “Ver Sails”.


          2. You should see the corruptions here, given that we have two official languages and half the place names being in a First Nations language.

            But the real question is, while you were in Lewie Ville, did the Fabulous Frog-Man ever jump your way?

          3. I see the problem. Not enough u’s in the name for Canadians. It should be Louiusviullue. Much better.

  6. Great episode!! Wonderful to hear Amelie sing the praises of Frog Man again! And that Amalgam title sounded hilarious!

    And yes, Chris beat me to it. White Rabbit is smokin’ hot! I have a tremendous love for the MARVEL TEAM-UP series. It was my Spider-Man book of choice growing up. Can’t swear when I got this exact issue, but it’s been a cherished issue ever since. The cover, the guest star and the antagonist are all bonkers, and I LOVE that!! I have previously gushed about this very issue over on the Two True Freaks podcast network, on BACK TO THE BINS #188. Love this comic and enjoyed the coverage!

  7. I got this comic off the racks back in the day. Loved it. In my head, Frog-Man did have one superpower: he was able to twist his body to get those feet coils around 95% of the time. That’s how he mostly bounces, instead of doing bounce-thud-bounce-thud. Maybe his rotund shape helps him roll in the air. So, let’s hear it for big guys!

    Yes to covering the one and only appearance of “The Misfits!” Can’t wait for Lily Pod: The Fabulous Frog-Cast.

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