Give Me Those Star Wars 22: Star Wars This Movie

Ryan Daly and J. David Weter put a Star Wars twist on some classic non-Star Wars films. What would Top Gun be like in the galaxy far, far away? What about The Hunt for Red October? What about… Dirty Dancing…? Then, Ryan responds to listener feedback from last episode.

  • Introduction begins at 0:00:34
  • Star Wars Current Events (potential spoilers) begins at: 0:05:22
  • Other movies with a Star Wars spin discussion begins at: 0:14:06
  • Galactic Questionnaire with Dave begins at 0:40:36
  • Listener Feedback begins at 0:44:33

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15 responses to “Give Me Those Star Wars 22: Star Wars This Movie

  1. Great episode, guys! Of course, this got the little grey cells working and I came up with some ideas.

    The Blue Brothers style movie about Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes getting back together post Endor

    Cannonball Run with Han & Chewie before Star Wars in the Burt Reynolds & Dom DeLuise roles. Just picture Chewie as Captain Chaos.

    Of course, Smokey and the Bandit:

    The Lord of the Rings. Just replace Wizards with Jedi, Sauron & the Ring Wraiths with The Emperor & Sith, and make the Hobbits farm boys from Tatooine. “Luke of the Nine Fingers, and the Lightsaber of Doom!” (Apologies to Glenn Yarbrough)

    1. When I heard that there would be a young Han Solo movie, I thought the Kessel Run done as Smokey and the Bandit would make a great movie . I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. It’s a long way to go and a short time to get there….

  2. Fun show! Since Star Wars owes a lot to a certain samurai film, why not do a 7 Samurai/Magnificent Seven type film? An imperial regimen keeps harassing a small planet near a deserted outpost. The citizens hire a somewhat dishonored Jedi who assembles a band of angels with tarnished halos to help him. Rogue One kind of had a bit of that feel, but goes more toward The Dirty Dozen.

    If you want to go more modern western, how about Open Range? A farmer and his right-hand man are run off some free property by a Jabba-like land baron. His forces continue to push them, until it turns out the farm-hand is a retired Jedi!!!

    Or, Unforgiven with Boba Fett as Clint Eastwood’s Will and Dengar…or wait…IG-88 as Morgan Freeman’s Ned? Boba found a good woman who cured him of his wicked ways…after he crawled out of the Sarlac Pit. But she died, and now IG-88 comes to him with a lucrative hit job on Mos Eisley….

    I’m surprised Dave didn’t have a Star Wars re-do of Swayze’s Ghost on his list. Imagine the clay wheel scene with Admiral Ackbar….


    1. The episode Bounty Hunters in Season Two of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a direct homage to 7 Samurai. In the episode, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka team-up with a group of four bounty hunters, who’ve been hired to protect a village from pirates. It’s been a while since I watched it, but I remember it being one of my favorite episodes from the series.

  3. It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad,Mad Galaxy. The bounty hunters, rebels and imperials all race to find Dexter Jetster’s treasure under a giant W.

  4. Such a fun, thought-provoking concept and episode. Kudos to you, Ryan and J.

    My own ideas came up being too similar to several of yours. Caddyshack would be another sports comedy, but to have Bill Murray trying to blow up an Ewok? You know you want to see that. Oh yeah.

    Back to the Future with Luke and Ben on a land speeder that goes 0.888 of lightspeed? Nah.

    A co-worker also liked the Ghost idea, but my thought was a secret squad of quirky atypical Imperials hunting down deceased Jedi that are trying to help the Resistance, a la Ghostbusters.

    Big thumbs up on Hunt For Red October! Do it Ryan! Do it!!!!

  5. I was smiling and laughing through this entire episode!! Great job, guys!! And THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER as a Star Wars RPG adventure is brilliant!

    One more submission, a goofy animated adaptation MIDNIGHT MADNESS (look it up) featuring different Star Wars team trying to solve the clues. One team of our heroes (Luke, Han, Leia, etc), a team of Bounty Hunters, a team of Jawas, a bumbling team of Stormtroopers with Darth Vader, and some other team (lacking a clever suggestion here). All racing to solve clues provided by Yoda! HUGE MELONS!

        1. At some point next year I want to cover all of the various Star Wars roleplaying game systems, including the Edge of the Empire game we played. I think we can definitely do a breakdown of that campaign.

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