JLUCast 11 Image Gallery

Images from Justice League: "Metamorphosis" Part One.

Simon Stagg, master of the extreme haircut and Colonel Sanders suit, presents his Metamorpho concept to the oil company board.

Meet Stagg's Neanderthal henchman Java. No, it's not explained here.

Here's our sympathetic protagonist, Rex Mason. Who is engaged...and is hitting on his train attendant...HARD.

And here's Rex's fiancee, Sapphire. Who comes out and greets GL in a bath towel. Then flirts with him.

Simon comes to see his daughter as if it's a date. EWWWWWW....

Rex is trapped by Simon and subjected to the Metamorpho process. Orb of Ra not included.

Rex sees his new face, based directly on Ramona Fradon's original design.

Sapphire's overly familiar kiss sets off a whole series of "holy crap" events.

GL splits an armored truck in two with his ring. Nice trick!

Simon and Java record Rex and GL's battle.

Images from Justice League: "Metamorphosis" Part Two

Hey, Superman saves the day! Yay!!!

...but then Rex somehow knows how to make Kryptonite...so Super-Nerfing returns. Sigh.

Rex pulls a classic trick from the comics!

Sapphire (who seems much more true-blue in Part Two) slaps some sense into her man.

Simon and Java make a Metamorpho-sicle!

Electricity is EVIL!!!

The love child of Chemo and an early Atlas/Marvel monster emerges!

Batman and GL decide to give Rex another chance. Hey, maybe Batman ought to form his own team...

Hawkgirl's Mace only gets a belch out of the Synthoid.

Okay, Kryptonite I can take, but GAS? Really people? GAS?!?

This seems familiar? Maybe an old movie? Mighty Joe Young?

Look Sapphire, it's your Dad who's getting all possessive and handsy. Again, EWWWW.

Rex makes like an Orange Crush to destroy the Synthoid.

Just when you think it's over, the League prepares for another horror...

Rex and Sapphire are reunited, and hopefully these two stop swinging and keep it together.

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