JLUCast 8: “Fury”

A rogue Amazon leads the Injustice Gang on a quest to wipe out the world’s entire male population! With the League’s men down, it’s up to Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl to save half of the world in “Fury”.

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Clip credits:

Clips from Justice League, “Fury”, theme by Lolita Ritmanis, music by Kristopher Carter

14 responses to “JLUCast 8: “Fury”

  1. I’ve said it before, but I love Cindy’s laugh. It’s infectious (lass).

    That “don’t knock til you’ve tried it” joke is the kind of thing that I think got by censors b/c I bet most of them just didn’t get it. “Eh, it’s a cartoon, whatever.”

    As to the water going right up to the steps of the building, may I paraphrase Mike Bailey: “Because cartoons.”

    This ep has an accidental FRIENDS connection. Maggie Wheeler played the recurring character Janice (“OH…MY…GOD!”) and George Newbern did a few episodes as a potential romantic partner for Rachel.

    Like I went through with MASHCast, I think JL’s first season is its weakest. So the the podcast tends to feel a bit more negative (or at least mixed) than one would expect, but like you said once the show hits its stride, it stayed there.

    Superman II Movie Minute? Are we doing that?

    And no worries, I won’t replace Chris on Power Records Podcast, unless of course Richard Donner returns my email.

    1. Cindy’s laugh (and smile) is certainly something that helps get me through every day. It is indeed, Infectious (Lass). Hey if we keep saying that, Russell Burbage will appear!

      Yeah, Cartoon Network was asleep at the wheel a lot with JL/JLU. But the creators were fairly subtle with things back then, too. Not really pushing the envelope, just carefully sliding it under the door. Bruce Timm needs to take a look at how they used to do things (see Batman: The Killing Joke, and Batman & Harley Quinn).

      I didn’t know about the Friends connection! I knew Newbern was on there, but not Wheeler. Thanks!

      I hope we aren’t coming across as TOO harsh. It’s mostly to do with Superman. I’m not Michael Bailey, but I obviously love the character, and I hate to see him get mistreated just to sell the threat d’jour. But we all know it’s going to get MUCH better, very soon. Overall, I’m finding I enjoy this season more than I remembered.

      I bet our pal Dick would co-host Power Records BEFORE he’d do Superman II Movie Minute. 😉


  2. I particularly enjoyed your commentary on the shifting sands of the “science” behind the super-anti-dude-allergen in this episode. Comic book (or, okay, maybe cartoon) science may be shady, but it sure is fun. And so is this show! Thanks for another fantastic episode! Now, I need to go to itTunes and leave a review!

  3. Hi guy,
    Imressive Pod cast. Most impresive. I saw this one on C.N. when it first was on the air. Was fun to see Fury. I liked her in Infinity Inc. Not as much as Jade, but she was pretty cool. I did like her better as W.W.’s kid, but what ever. Yeeeah the Supes geting beat up all the time does get old. Then Bats beating every one. Just grrr. Not dising Bat Just Come on Supes is the Strongest hero they have. Why is he always geting beat? Wirth WW being Number 2. Fury in a big fight maybe. But, every one from Dark Side to the Prankster seems to be able to knock out Supes. Yeah it’s pretty cool firse firters and the cops are treated well in this one. This was a fun 2 parter. As for Zee she does get a good one latter when Cirses turns WW into a pig. And Bats has to convince Circes to turn her back by sining am I blue. Yeah was a bit hipocritical of Hawk Girl blasting the Amazons when the Hawks went over board. The don’t knock it till you try it line was funny. Though she does seem to latter. With Bats. Tubine to power batters to speed indead. lol. My guess how the cure was given was Hawk girll eith Wally’s help sinthasides a cure. Maybe with Johns help too. And the Wally or supes spreed it. They could then add that to the watter. After all Walley is a CSI in this cartoon.

    The villans were desent for the show. Yeeeeah Hippi should have told Fury about the Captain. Might have saved a lot of trouble. And yeah WW does have that fight till the end mintalaty. And yeah in Tower of Bable tHAT WAS used by Bats to stop her. Well Rash using Bats plans. Though got to be odd her knowing her Boy friend has a plan to stop her on the sly. Not sure about the art, but you can tell Bruce Tim started in the He-Man mini comics by the build of the male characters. Well Hawk Girl may have got lucky. Or Shapire’s non evil have sub concouly left vile behind. I wonder if the exes she hates if one is Hal? Also how is J’ohn afected? I asume it’s set to hurt people with X cromazones instead of XX. So does he even have that? I some times wonder if he’s male cause it’s easer for us to under stand. Even if he is. How is his DNA the same as Humans? Clark I’ll give em a Mulagain on. But, M.M. how is he remotly the same way on a DNA level? Much less cromasones. Even with the Super Man bit. Did it mutate touching his DNA? If so how? Yep Fury was hot. Iraq is not just a country in the middle east. 😀 The Amazons have been a bit er sexist. I wonder if Fury would have thought diffrently had Hippy had told her the trith. No idea. Yeah her training should have had her learn her enimes better. Before fighting them. The old Tsun Su qoute fiting. A Genral who only knows himself will fail. A Genreal whom old knows his enimey will fail. A genral who only knows the battle feild will fail. A genral whom only knows his army will fail. He must know him self, his army, his enamey and battle fieild to have victory. Or something like that.

    It’s been a while since I read the art of war. But, yeah Fury didn’t bother to do any of that. The only stratagy she used was to have Safire pretend to turn trator and go get WW over there to ask her to join them again. Which failed. Meh, Fury was probly dating home girl. Good for them. Also how is Grundi afected by this? He’s a Zombie. Basicly a walking corpse. He doesn’t breath or any bio functions. This shouldn’t do anything to him. Also yeah in Greek myth Hyppi went toe to toe with Herc and won. She defantly got the Supes treatment in this. Bat Man top less sexyness. John Stweart Top less also Sexyness. And Star Sapphire has a nice butt. Sorry I’m an equal opertunity offender. 😉 I’m thinking this one is Carol Ferris and not the one whom fought Jay when he was the Flash. Nor do I think she’s Dela Pharon, But, the show doesn’t say so I’ll guess. Oh minnor nit pick…wait Daina is saying natural buety? Gurl your lips aren’t that red with out make up. Your eye brows didn’t grow that way with out plucking. And those ear rings and the Taeara. How are those ear rings tactical? And her Mom. an Earth mother she is not. Just saying. Over all it was a good cartoon. And kind of reminds me of the Lady Liberators from the Avangers. The Samantha Parrington verson of The Valkyrie. Any way cool pod cast can’t wait to hear the next one. This post from the warped mind of Ms. Elizabeth Anne Lucy Oswalt.

    1. Some valid points we hadn’t considered, especially concerning how the allergen affected J’onn and Grundy! Wally wasn’t acting very CSI in this either, which makes me think having him with Barry’s classic profession was probably a last minute decision later on in the series, and not part of any bible.


  4. Hi Chris and Cindy! I’ll limit myself in my critiques. I know you are fans of the show, and you do a good job pointing out the flaws and logic lapses. All I know is what you share, and I’ve got to say that I am disappointed in most of the voice acting, especially the women. It seems like a woman from the planet Thanagar, a woman from ancient Greece, and a woman from some unknown country that was invaded by another unknown nation, all sound like middle-American newscasters. Similar timbres, and voice range. It’s too bad the producers, and/or network, didn’t allow even a hint of a vague accent.

    1. You know Ward, listening back to the clips when editing, I did feel Julie Bowen’s Aresia was pretty flat in spots. Not quite up to the usual vocal delivery we’re used to on these shows. As for the Amazons having accents, well, the Wonder Woman TV show never gave them any, nor the Super Friends, so there’s precedent for that. We will find that Thanagarians do have Latino accents, as all the actors cast as them follow Maria Canals and are of that cultural descent. So the creators do course correct in this department by the time of the season 2 ender, anyway.


  5. And another thing! Why the name “Arisia?” That’s the name of an alien Green Lantern! (Further editorializing about the “development” of that character is not forthcoming in this post!)

    1. Arisia DOES show up on the series later, so I guess the different spelling (Aresia is the Amazon) makes it okay? They sure sound the same as far as I recall! And yes, let’s never speak of Arisia’s “development’. All kinds of icky then, and most definitely NOW.

  6. “Grundy agrees when Aresia promises a chest of gold. Hmm, I guess you could read that two ways.”

    CINDY! MY GOODNESS! *blush*

    Seriously, that bit made me laugh so hard! Thank you, C&C.

    It’s a good thing no electrical opponents have appeared yet. One could walk all over the whole team, even Batman. Props for “Electricity is evil!”

    1. I’m glad Cindy made that “chest of gold” comment, and not me!

      I know we get the Black Vulcan analog later on JLU, so we do get at least ONE electrical opponent that I can think of off the top of my head. If this show’s logic stays true, he’ll rival Darkseid himself…


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