FW Presents: Kung Fu Friday Bruce Lee Double Feature!

Fire and Water Presents the second episode of Kung Fu Friday, a podcast that hopes to make you discover the great films of Asian Action Cinema. Siskoid and Pulp2Pixels’ Dr. G, Man of Nerdology, explore the life and films of the most iconic martial arts star of all time, Bruce Lee, with a dissection of Enter the Dragon (1973) and Fist of Fury (1972). Plus, the Move of the Week and our recommendations for further viewing!

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11 responses to “FW Presents: Kung Fu Friday Bruce Lee Double Feature!

  1. When I worked at a video store, we had a section called Hollywood’s Best which grouped films by star–Woody Allen, Bette Davis, Clint Eastwood, etc. We had a shelf for Bruce Lee (even though like James Dean, there weren’t a lot of titles to put there). But no one at the store could ever keep that shelf straight–I was constantly finding movies starring Bruce Li, Bruce Le, etc. It was bewildering.

    While I admit this genre is a huge blind spot for me (partially by design), I did see ENTER THE DRAGON on the big screen once, which was a lot of fun. Hard of course to pin down what makes a “movie star”, but whatever it was Lee had it. Any moment he’s on screen, you can’t help focus on him.

    I have yet to see BLACK BELT JONES, even though the trailer (which I first saw in IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD) is a complete hoot. Plus Jim Kelly is Irish like me apparently!

  2. A really great episode, you guys. On the Fb post, I shared a wonderful but brief clip of Jackie Chan talking about Bruce Lee and the kind heart he had, as well as a link to the podcast by Bruce’s daughter which I would recommend. It should be no surprise then that I was all in for this episode when I saw it posted.

    What can I say? Bruce Lee was the man though for me, I grew up in the ’90s and as such, a fan of Jackie Chan more because of the constant airings of certain films from that period. I can’t wait to hear what you cover for Jackie. I liked his recent work, RAILROAD TIGERS for what it was while I thought KUNG FU YOGA was terrible. I’m still a fan though and anxiously anything that’s put out with him, be it THE FOREIGNER or something else. So you better do him justice and make his episode even better- no matter how hard that’ll be from this.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. This first batch of shows, we’re really going for iconic gateway films as much as possible, so don’t expect to be surprised by our choices, is all I’m going to say. But we hope to make up for it in Recommendations, or else in the comments sections.

  3. Great episode, gentlemen. Enter the Dragon is the only Bruce Lee movie I’ve ever watched in its entirety. After hearing your discussion, I definitely need to watch some of his other films.

    Also, I had to cheer when you mentioned the Bruce Lee video game. My brothers and I would play that game endlessly on our Commodore 64.

  4. Great show guys. I just saw a youtube video on how film productions handled their star’s death, and Game of Death took a deserved beating. I saw that cardboard cutout of Bruce Lee on some other guy. WOW.

    I haven’t seen Enter the Dragon in years, and really only bits and pieces of his other work. Most definitely my intro to Lee was as Kato on the Batman/Green Hornet crossover two-parter.. or the earlier Bat Climb cameo.

    John Saxon was such an omnipresent guy in my youth. From TV guest spots on Wonder Woman and Six Million Dollar Man to this and then the Nightmare on Elm Street films, that guy was EVERYWHERE!!! I caught the beginning of one of his earliest movies on TCM last week. He was playing a teen, starring opposite Sandra Dee!

    Keep ’em coming!


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