Let’s Roll: GURPS Autoduel

GURPS Autoduel is the role-playing setting for Steve Jackson Games' once-popular wargame, Car Wars, and also chapter two of the Shiftworld campaign Siskoid ran back in the early aughts. He welcomes back to the show Daniel "Pout" Ouellet and Alexandre "Beb" Hébert to the the show to talk about the world of autoduelling and how to insert other types of games into your RPG. Ready to roll?

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3 responses to “Let’s Roll: GURPS Autoduel

  1. Shifting from the Old West to Post-Apocalypse isn’t a stretch. Back in the 80s, I bought a DC supplement for Hex, which took time at a time when Jonah Hex was sent in the future. I never got to run it. I don’t remember if I got to sneak in a reference to it into GURPS Autoduel, or if we had to ignore other company’s stuff.

    1. I have that. You can’t “run it” per se because it’s a solitaire adventure. I don’t think there are Autoduel elements, it just uses the world from the Hex comic.

  2. I enjoyed this next installment of the Shiftworld campaign. It was particularly interesting to learn how you handled the transition from Old West to Autoduel, both from a technical (e.g., converting the characters) and role-playing standpoint (e.g., characters remembering bits of their past lives). I look forward to hearing how the characters continue to grow and evolve in future installments.

    I also liked your idea of introducing other games into your tabletop RPG sessions. I was a big fan of the Game of Life as a kid. As a result, using that boardgame in the character generation process intrigues me. I’m already thinking about how I could use my copy of the Star Wars: Game of Life to generate characters for a Jedi-focused Star Wars RPG. I’ll probably never do it, but that won’t stop me from spending hours figuring out how I would do it.

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