oHOTmu or NOT Ep.18: Captain Universe to Celestials

A hero who could be any one of us. An Irish mutant and his evil cousin. 2000-foot tall alien giants. Which are Hot, and which are Not? Find out from our panel of Luscious Ladies. And in the Femail Bag: The Girls discover Rob Liefeld.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse (Havana Nights), Isabel (Lip-Bomb), Nathalie (DJ Nath), Josée (Art-Girl), Amélie (AmyUltraViolet) and Shotgun.

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17 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.18: Captain Universe to Celestials

  1. I assume this was another fantastic episode, but honestly, after the questions “Is a cat burglar someone who steals cats or a cat who steals?” and “Why can’t it be both?” my brain sputtered to a halt and I don’t remember anything else.

  2. Ok… so Captain Universe… I get that it’s going to be a different person depending on the situation and the image shown can’t be taken as the definitive end all representation… BUT, there’s not only no bulge: he’s got a freaking camel toe! I’m not saying that’s an automatic “not” (I mean it takes all kinds, and I’m open minded) but given the bulge talk in the past, how was this not brought up?

    I have never been able take Black Tom seriously. When I started reading comics he’d been around long enough that he was established and if he showed up the heroes always acted like it was a big deal, pulling “oh, we’re in trouble now!” faces and so on. And there he’d be, standing there with his… medium sized stick. Nope. Not scary. Not even a little. Maybe they were just using the character wrong when I was coming across him. He’d probably work better as more of a roguish self serving villain (which is how he looks and is described here) rather than an intimidating super-villain. Because, again, medium sized wood is not scary, I don’t care what he’s shooting out of it. At least get some more impressive wood going if you want me to get worked up over it and start enjoying the heat coming from your massive wood as you wield it with both hands, gripping it tightly while spraying your power all over the… sorry, that got weird on me.

    Oh Banshee, he looks like a 70s Playboy Club regular trying to half-ass a hobbit costume. Moving on.

    There isn’t much to say about the Celestials (though I do find it odd that almost all of them have the same middle name.) I find my eye most drawn to the One Above All… also Oneg the Prober… not sure what that combination says about me, but I’m ok with it.

  3. Hey, the girls got to see Cap’s awesome Hanglider/Motorcycle combo in action! I hate to disappoint, but I think the glider was attached to the frame, so Cap didn’t have to hold onto it with his muscular thighs. But if any of you want to think that, be my guest!

    Leave it to the Girls to pick Black Tom over Banshee. You gals really hate the X-Men, don’t you?

    I will never look at the Celestials the same way again. I’ll be looking for hearts and panda bears. You should show the girls more examples of Kirby Tech and see what they come up with, Siskoid. Highly entertaining!


  4. I got the Marvel Spotlight issues of Capt. Universe for the Ditko art and found them interesting. The tag line was ‘the hero that could be you’ since anyone could get the power. The Cat Burglar takes down the crime syndicate that shot him. When he then vows to take over the mob with his power, it leaves him and he dies from the bulletproof wound he got just prior to receiving. Nice!

    Black Tom got killed early in the Liefeld XForce book. He got tossed down an elevator shaft. That led my buddy to say the immortal line ‘His power came from wielding his wood. But in the end, it was he who got the shaft.’

    As usual, surprised by some of the answers. Banshee was shot down so quickly and unanimously!

    Great episode as always!

  5. Ah that was fun. But when isn’t OHOTMU?

    Captain Universe isn’t sexy in the least, possibly because the costume reminds me of DC Golden Age hero The Star Spangled Kid, who was strictly jailbait.

    That’s one of the more flattering images of Cassidy, Black Tom that I’ve seen. Usually he looks like an old tramp who’s been dragged backwards through a bush. He’s rather slick here, mind, that collar would have to go.

    Poor Cassidy, Sean has never been remotely sexy – ginger muttonchops and gob like an ashtray. And I could never see him as a secret agent, he’s more like the thick younger son who gets sent to the seminary.

    Celestials are just dumb. Though I quite like the blue one with the giant doorknocker.

  6. An entertaining episode. I was particularly interested to hear the ladies’ comments on Captain Universe, because I once had the good fortune to bear that mantle. Back in the mid 90s, Marvel ran a promotion where they would write you into a personalized one-shot comic book as Captain Universe in a team-up with the X-Men. The personalization consisted of them dropping your name and a few personal facts you provided into a boilerplate story. Of course, I jumped at the chance. I’m guessing I would have rated as a Not, because I don’t really have the body type to pull off a tight costume like that.

  7. Another hilarious episode!! The part about Banshee made me sad. This is a case where the art didn’t do the character any favors. He’s such a likable guy in the comics. He’s heroic, super-spy cool, not cocky, a romantic, and all-around nice guy. If only the art conveyed that, I think the girls would have swooned.

    And what is this “switching to #TeamWater” nonsense?!? I won’t hear of it!! These wonderful ladies are dynamic and full of sparks… that’s fire!! #TeamFire! #TeamShag for life!!

  8. Ah, I love listening to my Canadian girlfriends! Even if I can’t tell them apart. Siskoid seemed very defensive about his cat. Or about his relationship with his cat. I agree with Shag that Banshee seems to have been ill-served. Ladies man? Last I knew (35 years ago) he gave it all up for Moira MacTaggert! Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.

    1. You mean the cat burglar thing? I just thought it was a pun too far, but turns out Elyse actually had never heard the expression before, so we’ still teasing her about it.

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