oHOTmu or NOT Ep.29: Doctor Demonicus to Doctor Octopus

Godzilla’s bane. Marvel’s greatest villain. A horror host turned Avenger. And Aunt May’s ex-fiancé. Which are Hot, and which are Not? The Girls will let you know, as we wrap on issue 3!

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Amélie and Shotgun.

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21 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.29: Doctor Demonicus to Doctor Octopus

  1. “I don’t him, but I’m mad about that.”

    Probably the nicest thing I’ve ever heard said about Doctor Druid.

    I’ve never seen Doctor Demonicus before. That costume is way too cool to be resigned to GODZILLA tie-ins. He should’ve been a WEST COAST AVENGERS villain or something similar.

    1. You may appreciate this, Ryan: Ron Rudat drew on top of this Dr. Demonicus piece when he was designing Serpentor’s costume for the G.I. Joe action figure.

  2. Dr. Druid definitely needs to lose that hair. The “Captain Stubing” look never flatters anyone. And his costume is a bit off. Is that one big old leotard?? I know you sometimes show other versions of these characters. I think you need to show Druid in the 90s where he was way more portly than this slim and trim version.

    Dr. Demonicus is a fantastic look. That costume slays! That said, I love ‘bucket boots’ and wish I could pull them off without people saying ‘Anj … what the hell with the bucket boots??’ (I have never owned a pair.)

    And Doom is just the king of cool.

    Lastly, the Diablo sucking on his mustache is disgusting although I am glad it was brought up. The girls responses to that were awesome. As an aside, when I was growing up my father had a standard mustache. Every so often I saw him have to go after some stray morsel from the stache with his tongue. Brrrr ….

    1. Anj, if you’re going to wear boots, bucket or otherwise, eventually you’re going to have to pull them off.

  3. Another outstanding episode!

    Regarding Dr. Druid: While it’s a nice novelty to have a hero with male pattern baldness, the image really suffers by having his side-hair sticking out so far…that’s Bozo the Clown’s hairstyle! (And in fairness, in most of his stories his hair isn’t drawn as absurdly as it is in his OHOTMU image.)

    His first appearance as “Dr. Droom” has become notorious on the internet for the very inappropriate racial aspects of the story…after the wise old lama granted Droom his magical powers, Droom’s appearance also changed to suit his mystic abilities: His face transformed into Asian features, and he suddenly sprouted a Fu Manchu mustache. When the story was reprinted in the ’70s with his name changed to Dr. Druid, the artwork and dialogue were altered to eliminate the “cultural appropriation” aspect of his origin. Wise decision.

    Here’s a comparison of the final page of the “Dr. Droom” story and the “Dr. Druid” reprint:


  4. Doctor Demonicus: I’m not familiar with him, but any guy who rubs elbows with Godzilla has to have something going for him.

    Doctor Doom: This guys has l33t science and magic skillz. So, I like to think of him as a true renaissance villain, the Da Vinci of super villains, if you will. I wouldn’t hesitate to put him in the running as one of Marvel’s most interesting antagonists.

    Doctor Druid: I just realized that this guy could be Vulko’s (from over in Aquaman) brother. At the very least, they have the same barber. I want to like this guy, because I’m a fan of druids from my D&D days, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him written to be particularly interesting.

    Doctor Digression: Please pardon my nitpick, but (historical) druids had no real association with Stonehenge, since the stone structure predates them by a couple of thousand years.

    Doctor Octopus: I loved the way the tone of the discussion changed once Doc Ock was associated with Elton John.

    Thanks for another fun episode.

  5. All Doctors and yet so many duds. I actually kind of like Doctor Demonicus’ look, but once they said the skull was like a bad tattoo… yeah I can’t unsee that now. The horns kind of work for me but the skull really does look like it was hand painted by somebody who really should have hired a professional air brusher. Though I do love that somebody finally had a realistic physical response to exposure to radiation in a comic for once. Also #fuckcancer.

    Oh Victor, Victor, Victor. As a character, I love this guy. He’s amazing. As a look… I do have to concede that setting aside how good of a villain he is, the robot looking face would get old after a while. He might have been a “hot” but I have the burden of knowledge in regards to his old girlfriend Valeria. Siskoid hinted at it, but here’s some more detail. This was not a case of a bad breakup, She still loved him. In fact he still loved her. But he reached a point where he decided that his approach of mostly science with a dab of magic had been wrong and he wanted to go all in on magic. The thing he could pay demons with to get the best powers was a true and shared love. So even though his love for her was not a ruse, he still sacrificed her to demonic forces and wore her leatherized skin as his new armor just so he could wield more power. Long story short: even if he loves you, you will never come first.

    Doctor Druid… yeah the hair in the problem. It’s not the ring around the temple in and of itself, it’s the fact that he’s got it teased up. Sorry, that doesn’t compensate for the chrome dome. The kicker though is the trunks. Get a different color in there, why wear trunks the exact same shade of red as the rest of the outfit? How boring.

    Doc Ock… I’m not sure that Alfred Molina gets as much credit as he deserves for making this guy cool. We remember the indelible mark left on Superman by Christopher Reeve or on Wolverine by Hugh Jackman. But Ock was never sexy until the movie. Looking at it now, I think it’s a lot of little factors that keep it in the not for this look, but in the end if I had to single out one thing it would be the hair. He’s got a bit of a flat head already, this bowl cut does NOT help at all.

    Thank goodness I listened to this one while driving because I lost count of how many times I laughed out loud. I think my favorite was Amélie’s unequivocal rejection of Otto.

  6. Oh my goodness, a great Boxing Day listen. “Bucket boots.” “Tibetan llama.” Fine form as always.

    (Tangent. The fitness classes I teach are “all ages”, not for seniors only. One has free weights, the other is kickboxing. The 60-ups are working with the 50-unders, and some of the older gang work harder than the youngsters. So awesome. End tangent.)

    (Second tangent. Four doctors. None from Gallifrey. Just interesting. End tangent.)

    Poor Doctor Druid. I imagine his de-aged widow’s peak look wouldn’t fare much better in hotness.

    Wow, with the Elton John angle on Doc Ock, I’ve turned from questioning Aunt May’s taste in men to thinking “Dang, work it, May!” (Oh lord, sounding creepy again.)

    It was great fun to hear the squad react to the issue’s cover. Yes, very sweet that Cloak & Dagger are close together.

    Happy holidays, ladies! Looking forward to another “hot” year!

    1. Oh, since cute Kaiju were a hit, I wish I could find YouTube clips of the Justice League: Action episode “Captain Bamboozle”, where Mr. Mxyzptlk makes a gigantic white kitten. Adorable destruction ensues.

  7. Way behind on my podcast listening, but after I got all our Christmas episodes out of the way, I had to have some oHOTmu to help me ease back into work. Thanks ladies (and Siskoid).

    And I’m sure Alfred Molina (the movie’s Doc Ock) would be surprised to be found “hot”. Once again the ladies give us less than svelte guys hope that we are also appreciated.

    Oh, and I always liked Jack Kirby’s theory about Doom having a tiny scar…until he stupidly scarred himself up by putting on that blazing hot metal mask!


  8. Manoman, do I love this podcast! You make me genuinely laugh. So many of these characters I don’t know, and others whose history was augmented after I stopped buying comics. Some things are dumb, but I can accept them, like having the surname Druid. Paternity is fate in comics. But, other things, like Dr. Doom really is the rightful heir to the throne of Latveria? Yuck. To my mind, that legitimizes him as a ruler, and I’d rather have him as a straight up villain.
    Siskoid, you’re quick to call out writers from decades back for using the terms “eskimo,” and “gypsy,” but how many times did you use the phrase “off the reservation?” How many meanings can that have, eh?

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