oHOTmu or NOT Ep.33: Elektra to Energizer

A Greek Assassin. A seductive Norse goddess. Scientists playing God. The youngest superheroine ever. The Girls know what’s up and will decide which are Hot, and which are Not. You’ve been warned!

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, and Amélie.

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29 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.33: Elektra to Energizer

  1. I love The Enchantress but I have nothing to write about the character’s entry on this episode because my mind snapped at the idea of Thor with a cat.

    Now that’s all I want to see: Thor, the God of Thunder, chilling at home with a cat, feeding it, petting it, letting it curl up on his chest while he’s trying to read… Where is this comic, Marvel?!!

  2. Another fun show with many laughs and good points.

    Elektra only proves the point … sais matters.

    I don’t think I can ever look at the Enchantress the same way again. Every time she is in the circle leggings I am going to think ‘oooh …. she hasn’t shaved her legs today’. Actually, I doubt the Enchantress ever shaves her legs. What is #ManSlaveMonday for if not to have guys shaving her legs for her!

    The Enclave doesn’t seem like a ‘secret gay club’ to me. It sounds more like the geeks in the movie Weird Science with better tech. “Hey, let’s form a club where we go and make the perfect woman to hang out with. This way we don’t need to actually interact with real women!” Maybe the Beehive is a nod to their favorite haircuts?

  3. I don’t think my wife will let me listen to this show any more. The red glow coming from my cubicle at work, due to all the blushing I was doing at the end probably alarmed my coworkers as well. Thank goodness for ear buds.

    I always thought Elektra’s name sounded like Nachos too. And Thor is TOTALLY a dog person. Loki is a cat person. Because cats are evil. I have one, but they are still evil.


    1. We do sell it as Not Safe for Work, Chris. I guess it’s Not Safe for Marriage as well. Update your warnings.

      And don’t be silly, you don’t have a cat. The cat has YOU.

  4. Elektra – Hoo boy, ok I’m just going to take a minute to fan myself. I was nervous knowing she was here because while I love her look, some artists can’t manage to get it to look right usually through poorly chosen poses. Thankfully the art in this properly represents her power, which is what makes it work. I’ve seen depictions that are overly… dancer like. Too much emphasis on grace and not enough on muscle tension and powerful motions. But this one works and she’s a definite hot.

    Oh, and since it was brought up: the ninja turtles thing (Raphael wielding the sais and also wearing red) is half a coincidence. Turtles creators Eastman and Laird created the book as a deliberate pastiche of Miller’s work on Daredevil (hence the Foot Clan as opposed to the Hand.) So the red was not a coincidence. However the thing to keep in mind is originally they ALL wore red (well ORIGINALLY originally it was a black and white comic, but on its first color reprint they were all red) and it was the cartoon that introduced the different colors, so it’s coincidental that Raphael ended up being the one who kept red rather than any other. Wow… that turned into quite a digression. Moving on.

    Enchantress – I think, for me at least, she suffers a little for having to come RIGHT after Elektra. Just looking at those main poses for each of them: Elektra is standing there on solid footing, ready for whatever happens and just happens to be hot doing it. Enchantress has the popped out hip and the heels and the “I cast a spell on you” arm out and… yeah it just really reads as trying too hard. I mean you already look like that, you don’t need to go the extra lengths. I dunno, maybe she just reminds me too much of the over the top divas that made me stop doing drag shows. I mean, she’s hot to look at, don’t get me wrong. But I wouldn’t date her. I would however follow her Instagram.

    Enclave – I yawned so hard it gave me a headache. Moving on. Though, your concept of “The Bee Hive” as a gay club with a queen at the top is basically the Enchanted Forest, featured in the second season of Galavant.

    Energizer – Sadly becoming a parent has really broken my willful suspension of disbelief on the whole idea of the “super clever child who could TOTALLY handle this adult level of responsibility.” 10 years old… maybe. But six? No, don’t think so.

    1. Katie alone, no. The whole family as a controlling influence? I felt it worked back in the day. There was a lot of having to convince Katie do to things, stop crying, etc.

  5. During the bra shopping digression while discussing Elektra, I was reminded of the time I went bra shopping with a friend. I was stunned at the sheer level of time and effort she had to put in to finding a simple undergarment–seriously, I have bought cars in less time.

    After that day I had a new appreciation for how much time women have to spend shopping for suitable clothing. Maybe the girls would be up for a FW Presents episode all about clothes shopping–might open a whole new demo for the network.

  6. Enchantress: Whenever I see her original costume with the circular pattern on the leggings, I can’t help but think of the parody version that appeared in Marvel’s “What The?!” humor series…in the parody, the circles on her left leg vertically spelled out “OOOOOH,” while her right leg spelled out “AAAAAH.” Here’s a link with an image: http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Allura_(Earth-9047)

    Also, I’m intrigued by the discussion of leg-shaving and the mention that we’ll be seeing a heroine “who has not shaved her legs this week”–trying to figure out which one that could be! The only one that comes to mind is Tigra, who’s furry all over…and as I recall, one of the Grapplers (the superhuman wrestling team we’ll meet in the “G” section), “Magilla,” used her body hair as part of her ring persona/gimmick.

    The Enclave: “If you like genetic science, and faking your own death…” Loved the discussion about Jerome faking his own death and then really dying…it reminded me of the complicated situation when Sharon Carter returned from her supposed death during Mark Waid’s Captain America run. Cap thought she was dead for a long time, but when she returned, it was explained that the “proof” of her death was faked as part of a deep-cover operation, but then SHIELD lost contact with her and thought that she really had died on that other mission. So, they decided it was probably best not to tell Cap “Well, she wasn’t actually dead then, but now she really IS dead,” and instead just let him think that she died the first time. SHIELD can be a bunch of jerks sometimes…

    Loved the reaction to Him: “Is that Rocky Horror?” Come to think of it, the origins of Him and Rocky do have a lot of similarities…

    Energizer: Looking forward to hearing the reactions to the rest of the Power family…we’ll see the others in “G,” “L,” and “M,” so we’ve got a bit of a ways to go. It’ll be interesting to hear the ladies learning about the Powers one sibling at a time, until they’ve finally covered the whole family dynamic.

  7. Hi, Hot squad! Thank you for the shout-outs in the episodes. You make my day every time.

    Certainly some *interesting* conversation this time! It did need some more hashtags:
    #UnderboobTattoos #TheStruggleIsReal

    Calling out the Enclave members as gay puts a whole new spin on the origins of Him and Her. “We want to have children, but don’t want women involved. Hey, let’s use science!” Those stories are now 100% funnier.

    I know, Energizer’s costume is one-piece pajamas with space boots. I still love it and all of Power Pack.

    For something different, I asked my daughters (12 year old twins) to give the characters Rule/Drool ratings. No, I’m not playing the episode for them. That would be … awkward.
    Elektra: Rule, but not those earrings
    Enchantress: Rule, love her hair. “She makes men fall in love with her.” Reply, “That’s a weird power.” Oh, my sweet innocent young ladies.
    Enclave: Drool. Just no.
    Energizer: Rule! Side note: my girls love the more recent Power Pack mini-series(es) and aren’t as familiar with the original series. Maybe one day, but the recent stuff is great. When Whitey dies in “Day One,” it makes me cry every time. Every. Time.

    Well done on the names, Shotgun! Time Priest, away!!!!!

      1. No, that is the Midgard Serpent in disguise. This is from the trip Thor and Loki had to Jotenheim where the giant king Utgard-Loki (pronounced Oot-Guard) had cast a spell to convince the gods that the giants were more powerful than they really were. Thor also had to wrestle Old Age (disguised as an old woman) and try and drain a horn that was secretly connected to the oceans.

  8. Another fantastic episode! Though I am glad for the headphones at work…….
    I agree with Siskoid that, for comics, the Enclave scientists are extremely buff. Considering their age, that makes it even more unbelievable how buff they are. I would like to know more about their workout regimen. Are they this buff so they can impress Him when he comes out of the tube? #BaldGayScientistClub.
    And as far as Shotgun’s new nickname, I get it, (‘i’ being right next to ‘o’ on the keyboard) but far prefer what someone else mentioned, “Shingun”. To misspell Shotgun like that takes effort and it made me question what a shin gun would actually do. Would it give you shin splints?
    Either way, keep up the great work and I’ll keep listening and laughing. I don’t think there has been a bad episode in the series and each one gets better and better.

  9. Just a quick note, this podcast sent me on a research mission. Elektra alive?!?! What?!!? I was convinced she should have been in the Book of the Dead at this time. Somehow in reading nearly 400 issues of Daredevil over the past 30 years, I completely forgot that Frank Miller resurrected her. I was convinced that didn’t happen until the 1990s. Thanks for the memory jog!

    As always, fantastically hilarious episode! The ladies always provide a reality check for our nerd beliefs and leave us in stitches! And for the record, I think Pirate Boots look great on superheroes. … Sadly, not so much in real life. And that makes me sad.

  10. Also, I think it’s fair to say the ladies didn’t get to see Katie Power at her best. An antiseptic bio page doesn’t do justice to the fun of those early Power Pack issues. If they had been familiar with the character, I think they would have adored her completely — boots and all!

    Siskoid – Let these ladies read about Katie and the Snarks!!

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