oHOTmu or NOT Ep.34: Enforcers to Falcon

Thugs who fought Spider-Man. A race easily mistaken for gods. An entity who is all of us. A patriot with a super-pet. Which are Hot? Which are Not? The Girls give a go to figuring it out!

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, and Amélie.

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13 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.34: Enforcers to Falcon

  1. It never occurred to me that Falcon’s outfit looks a bit like that of a wrestler, but I can see it! He could even have the bird as a masoct, like Coca B Ware (I think that was his name) with the look of the Ultimate Warrior somewhat!

    I think Anthony Mackie said he’d be down to wear the classic comic costume, and I would love to see it. They definitely added the red later to tie it into the classic look. The less said about the comic’s original orange and green suit the better. Only Aquaman can work that combo.

    I never cared for the “Snap” Wilson retcon. It seemed to play into black stereotypes, casting the formerly good-natured Sam as a one-time pimp (or pimp-like hoodlum). Once again the movies trump the comics, giving us a Falcon who was a solider helping soldiers deal with PTSD and other post-combat problems.

    Speaking of the movies, its’ so weird to think of Thanos as just being some dead head-shot when he’s currently THE epitome of all things bad at Marvel.

    Fun show as always ladies (and Siskoid)!

    1. Excellent show. As ever. It’s remarkable that with around 30 characters there’s not one even vaguely attractive Eternal. Well, maybe one or two of the ladies. I always liked Sersi in the Avengers. But Ikaris and his girlie bob – dialled down in this non-Kirby headshot collection – ugh.

      The Enforcers are no real treat to Spider-Men and even less are they style icons.

      Eternity would get on my tits, he’d always be there. I need space sometimes, but not the kind that’s on a cosmic body stocking.

      Falcon is all kinds of great but why the heck don’t we get a look at his first outfit, that green and orange number was all kids of sexy? Hot!

      More from Tim’s Towsome, please.

  2. Good job on the episode, everyone! I enjoyed the takes on these entries. To me, most of these are not well known as I haven’t read many books that they have appeared in so I think I agree with most of the ladies on these. I don’t have the lens of nostalgia to distort my feelings *cough*Electro’s cool*cough*.

    The most I got out of the Enforcers was that Fancy Dan had sleazy hands. Also, the hands, if uncurled, look like they would be larger than his head, perhaps? Sleazy, indeed. I’m sure he beat Spider-Man by merely grossing him out.

    Sprite looks like Teller from Penn and Teller. I don’t get the Eternals.

    Bad joke alert! Dating Eternity would be a long term relationship. End of alert.

    Lastly, Falcon’s “wing” motif on his abs look like antlers to me so it looks like he’s smuggling a reindeer in his pants.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. The Eternals seems like Kirby’s less effective Marvel riff on the Fourth world. As such, I’d wonder if Siskoid can take a side visit on one of the anniversary shows comparing the Eternals to the New Gods and asking which group is hotter. (Big Barda for the win.)

    That said, now all I can picture is Ajax on his knees cleaning the toilet. In fact, the poofy thing on the front of his helmet could be a toilet brush!

  4. Another fun episode!

    Agree with the comment that the Enforcers seem like they came out of a ’30s movie…even when they were created in the 1960s, there was a definite old-school sensibility to them. And what was old-school in the 1960s is…well, I guess “ancient history” is the most appropriate phrase for today. But that’s why I like them so much.

    Eternals: It speaks volumes about Jack Kirby’s sense of design that even the throwaway background characters are so visually interesting. I, too, want to know more about that woman in the pink/purple outfit in the crowd shot!

    The comments about Ajak made me think of Eddie Izzard’s routine about the Trojan War: “Agamemnon, famous warrior! Ajax, famous toilet cleaner!”

    I’m kind of surprised that the Falcon entry didn’t include a shot of his original costume…but perhaps it’s lucky that the ladies didn’t see that. Of course, there’s always the future episode where you’ll review the characters’ other looks.

  5. Love this show. Entertaining even when one finds oneself in Stockton Ca. Trust me you have to work harder to amuse me when I’m here. You guys managed it.

  6. The Enforcers stole the show, even if they didn’t get a “hot”. When the gang started discussing who was which Enforcer, I’m thinking group cosplay for next Halloween. That’d be a riot!

    And now whenever I see Fancy Dan, I’ll be hearing “I’m so Fancy (Dan)”. Oy! “Thanks”, Siskoid.

    Makkari and his Cyclops glasses! Love it!

    I’m glad the squad gave Falcon the thumbs-up. He’s been a favorite of mine for a long time, and I seriously geek out every time Anthony Mackie is on screen. Like Chris Evans as Cap, Mackie has embraced the role of Sam Wilson far beyond my expectations. Just so good. But I’ll never look at those ab-wings the same ever again. Keeping it real, ladies!

    Good job on name reading, Nat! I’m sure I’m not the only listener who gets a kick out of it.

    There’s no replacing you guys. No way, no how.

  7. Well, people have spoken, so here’s the votes from Tim’s Twosome™.

    Enforcers: Drool except for Fancy Dan. He rules, especially the color of his suit. My brother’s name is Dan, so of course they said “Uncle Dan isn’t very fancy.”
    Eternals: Rule. Reminds them of Greek mythology, which they love. And “Sprite instead of Sierra Mist.”
    Eternity: RULE! “He’s not just the center of the universe, he IS the universe!”
    Falcon: Rule. He looks cool. “I want to talk to falcons.”

  8. Your (delightful) discussion about The Enforcers and Fancy Dan got me thinking, specifically about about other short characters. You know what? I think Fancy Dan could hold his own against Wolverine. He couldn’t defeat Wolverine, but he could avoid hits and slashes, and toss Wolvie around with Judo. I’d like to see that.

  9. Man, oh man. This was a rough line up for me to slog through. I mean, in terms of making my own determinations. It was a joy to listen to as always.

    The Enforcers are a sea of duds (Montana being the biggest dud of the lot.) I suppose the closest to getting a hot would be Fancy Dan, but honestly I wouldn’t want to go out with him. Just sit at a poker table with him until I could figure out exactly how he was cheating (because nobody who dresses like that plays fair.)

    There might be a few diamonds in the rough that is the Eternals… the problem is I really can’t make a call based of just a head. They started to blur together for me almost immediately. Most are immediate “nots” and of those who weren’t, most are just boring when all I can see is a head. The only one I’d give a “hot” to would be Cybelle, but that’s cheating because I’ve seen her full look from back in episode 24. I also share the ladies’ disappointment at the full body shots we saw being of Eternals not listed (who WERE you, silver-haired, purple-clad, extremely separated boobs, lady?)

    Eternity is the saving grace for me. I’ve always found this concept to be wonderfully head trippy and the look is just flat out cool. I think this guy needs to get his due for the current popularity of galaxy and space patterned leggings. He did it first, and wore it best. That’s a hot.

    Falcon… I’m sorry but I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate this outfit, and always have done. It’s the top. The V so deep that it actually gets interrupted by his trunks, the shoulder straps so thing they bring to mind a tank top, and unless somebody has some degree of super endurance or healing factor I will ALWAYS consider this much exposed skin to be just plain stupid. Sorry Sam, I love you as a character, I really do. But I cannot begin to express how happy I am that you are not rocking this god awful look anymore. It’s a not, because I just can’t even.

  10. New episode drops this Tuesday. Quick apologies to WHT and Vera whose comments came in after the recording date, but we’ll address them on the episode after that. We care about you!

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