oHOTmu or NOT Ep.36: Firelord to Flag-Smasher

Galactus’ hot-headed herald. An amazing friend. The guy you go to when you need new tech. A villain without borders. Are they Hot, or are they Not? The Girls’ mission in life is to tell us!

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, and Amélie.

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16 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.36: Firelord to Flag-Smasher

  1. The girls were obviously suffering from heat deliriums in this episode, which added another element of fun to the already uproarious proceedings.

    Firelord: This guy always seemed like a lost He-Man figure to me. Not sure why. Kind of “toyline generic” in a way.

    Firestar: Ah, an early crush. You can’t tell it here, but she was animated on the show…very lovingly, let’s say. I understand Marvel Productions actually got some flack from network censors for how they drew her, since her blank body suit basically made her look naked. And her civilian look was based directly on the classic Mary Jane Watson design. So, yeah, she gets a lot of love from 40 year old fanboys.

    The Fixer: I hate to be a corrective Mr. Know-It-All again (because trust me, I know nothing of value), but the guy in Spider-Man: Homecoming was actually The Tinkerer, not The Fixer. The Fixer’s look is also pretty toyline generic, like an off-shoot Corbra soldier from G.I. Joe, but hey, at least he’s drawn here by the late great Steve Ditko, whom we just lost.

    Flag Smasher: I do really like the look. He’s like a misguided Space Ghost or something! Ultimatum is a great villain group name…without the acronym. I’m sure the girls were right, the creator struggled with coming up what those letters could mean once “Ultimatum” was chosen.

    Great show as always ladies and gent!


  2. Love the latest overheated episode of Hot or Fneh. Seriously, I had a really hard time not bursting out laughing at work as the ladies totally lost it repeatedly.

    Firelord is REALLY into consistent branding. And it all just kind of bleeds together for me in the end. If I’m going to go with a character who’s way too into fire as a look I’d rather have Flame Princess from Adventure Time. Splash some cold water on this guy, he’s not as hot as he looks.

    Firestar… Ok, so in my last comment I mentioned a bit in passing that I’m not into super bright yellow, especially as a dominant color. I want her glove and boots (though it looks like they might actually be part of the single outfit… how does she get into that?) and the hair is nice. But the mask is silly and the yellow. Just too much yellow. I firmly believe that only April O’Neil ever pulled off that much yellow.

    Fixer. I burst out loud laughing when I saw this guy. I couldn’t decide if those were radio dials or headlights on his nipples. The helmet is dumb, the colors are ugly, this is just all kinds of “no.” That’s even before getting into the atrocious personality and sense of superiority. And Siskoid… The Jim’ll Fix It theme? Really. Come on man, that was just creepy. And you let it play for ages! Just… ugh… I need a shower now.

    Flag-Smasher. I didn’t know that Space Ghost had a brother. Seriously though, taking that rip off look and the admittedly dumb name aside, I was surprised to find that I actually like this. I think the way the cape kind of wraps around and frames him that pulls it altogether. The ladies were really over thinking the mace. He has it because it’s good for smashing. It’s not a particularly enthusiastic “hot,” but it’s still a hot.

    1. Sorry about the Jim thing. I used it without researching – as it seems we must consistently do in this age of nasty revelations – and didn’t know about the allegations of sexual abuse.

    2. “headlights on his nipples.” According to Dr. Wertham, “children call these ‘headlight’ comics.”

  3. Thank you for another laugh filled episode.

    Firelord: I always assumed that his costume consisted of the boots, gloves, and wrestling singlet, so that his arms and legs are bare. As Heralds of Galactus go, he’s not bad, but he can’t hold a candle to the Silver Surfer.

    Firestar: I am a fan of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, so it was good to see that Firestar was given an entry in OHOTMU. I agree that she needs something to break up all that yellow in the center of her costume. If my memory serves, she did eventual get a black, yellow, and red costume that had a bit more design complexity to it.

    Fixer: Hey! I just noticed that he was born in Dayton, Ohio, which is just a stones throw from where I grew up. Now, I’m trying to remember if I ever ran into him at the local grocery store or shopping mall. In any case, it’s good to see a local boy make something of himself.

    Flag-Smasher: This guy’s costume reminds me of Space Ghost. Though, I doubt he has the chops to be a successful talk show host. Also, I will defend his choice of the mace as his signature weapon. If you’re going to be a smasher of anything, then the mace is a much more sophisticated option than a baseball bat, club, or 2×4. In addition to their role as weapons, maces often serve as ceremonial symbols of authority, which elevates them above the average bludgeoning weapon. Yes siree! If I ever had to smash a flag, I wouldn’t settle for anything less than a mace to do the job.

  4. Another great episode with a ton of laughs. I like be this show.

    Firelord – I like the idea of a flame based herald and I even like the baton. But I can’t get past the fact that he routinely gets his butt kicked while the Surfer rarely does. So he just doesn’t work.

    Firestar – let me echo the ‘early crush’ sentiment. Every buddy of mine back then hoped we’d find a girl like Angelica Jones, girl next door beauty with a fiery adventurous side. She’ll always be hot.

    Flag Smasher – there’s a mix of space ghost and Dev Cockrum Shiar in there. He looks pretty cool. And as a fan of L.E.G.I.O.N, R.E.B.E.L.S., S.H.I.E.L.D., and S.P.E.C.T.E.R, how can I not like his organization. But I can’t imagine he’d be good to date. Wouldn’t he always be giving his significant other some relationship U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. ?

  5. Another hilarious episode of “OHOTmu or Fneh”!

    Flag-Smasher: Since the ladies were discussing the question of whether or not his “hotness” would be affected if he had an “unhot” real name, they might be interested to know that his name was later revealed to be Karl Morgenthau. So, Karl Morgenthau, hot or not?

  6. Thanks gang, for another fun episode. Though I do get some unusual looks when I listen to this at work and laugh out load at time.

  7. Another great episode! “Hot or Fneh” merchandise should be a thing.

    Firelord – All I remember of him is Spider-Man beating the poop out of him so I didn’t understand why Galactus would want someone like Firelord to announce his coming. Seems like Galactus needed to fill that position and just hired the next guy who stepped through the door. “How do you feel about fire and Q-tips?”

    Firestar – A definite crush from the cartoon. I can’t be objective about this one. That said, I don’t think this entry’s picture does her justice. Her pinpoint nostrils make her look like Voldemort…..

    Flag Smasher – “Flash that Smag!” I would like the look (the world championship wrestling belt!) but the white trunks make it look like he is wearing tighty-whities. Or diapers. So close yet so far.

    Anyways, keep up the great work!

  8. Great episode! This one was definitely not fneh.

    My last name is indeed German. Feel free to pronounce it however you like :)

    (De is the shortened form of my given name—a name that I only seem to hear when I’m in trouble.)

  9. The laughter, the funny things you say, the delight in dissecting these obscure characters..what a joy it is to listen to this podcast!

  10. Oh my, I hope the squad isn’t getting heat delirium! Kinda worried a few times in this episode. At least you were all having fun!

    Firestar is yet another teenage crush, (How many is that now?) so I need to defend her a bit. How come Firebird gets a “hot” but Firestar a “not”? Their costumes have the same color scheme, both have big red chickenish adornments (Firebird is wearing a literal bird on her chest!), they’re nice girls, similar powers, and on and on. If Firestar had a red bikini bottom on her costume like Firebird’s, breaking up the head-to-toe yellow, would that turn be enough to change the voting? Hmmm.

    Fixer: #NippleRockets. Nuff said.

    I’m fighting to urge to dig up Smag-Flasher’s appearances to see if his belt globe changes. There’s one story which takes place in the arctic, so that’s a prime situation to have something besides the Western hemisphere. I’m picturing it still being a flat gadget with a crank switch between hemispheres. Wow. I CANNOT take him seriously any more! You’re just too powerful, ladies!

    Stay hydrated til next time!

  11. Firelord: Cool, “but don’t like him fighting Thor, cuz we like Thor.”

    Firestar: Cool. “She looks nice.” (Good job girls, here’s your 5 bucks.) Tangent: One of the cats from their favorite book series “Warriors” has this name. According to T2, he’s the leader of Thunder clan, and was a good guy. So no bias there at all.

    Fixer: Drool and fneh. “He looks weird.”

    Flag-Smasher: Drool. “Super-villains should have cool names, and that name is just fneh.” (You should have trademarked that word when you had the chance, Siskoid.)

    Now the most important part of the show:

    Dogs: Drool.
    Cats: Rule!
    We own 2 cats, which the girls adore. As above, T2 love the “Warriors” series, but really dislike the dog-based version by the same authors: “Survivors”. Not because of the dogs, they just found the stories not as interesting, but that’s all it takes.

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