oHOTmu or NOT Ep.39: Nick Fury to Galactus’ Heralds

A one-eyed superspy. The Earth Mother. The Devourer of Worlds. His messengers of death. Which are Hot, which are Not? The Girls will let you know.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, Amélie and Shotgun.

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13 responses to “oHOTmu or NOT Ep.39: Nick Fury to Galactus’ Heralds

  1. Gaea: That position is a very common one in Christ statues, usually hand up to show the stigmata and one hand on his heart. I’ll tweet something to Siskoid if I can find something.

    Galactus: I can’t help but see the silly face on Galactus’ helmet now! He won’t be so frightening to me moving forward. In fact, he’ll be talking with a voice like Grover from Sesame Street now.

    As for people on the planets being eaten knowing what is happening, I thought that was part of the Herald’s duty. Not only finding the planet, but heralding Galactus’ approach with warnings about impending doom.

    Great show. Impressive Frogman song!

    I didn’t realize the Asgardian Destroyer became a Herald at one point, fascinating.

  2. Yay, another issue completed!

    Fury, Nick: Kind of interesting that all of the images were taken from his super-spy Steranko adventures…I would have thought that there would have been at least one image of his “Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos” WWII exploits.

    “If we date, can I drink his blood?” Wow, that went into a weird direction… As for getting “second-hand” benefits of the Infinity Formula, Marvel’s humor series “What The–?” suggested that keeping in close proximity to Fury was also keeping his supporting cast young. Of course, that was a parody story and not canon…

  3. A couple of quick questions:

    1. Would knowing that David Hasselhoff played Nick Fury in a 90s made-for-TV movie help or harm the character’s standing with the ladies?

    2. Who would win in a fight, David Hasselhoff’s Nick Fury or Samuel L. Jackson’s? What if it were a dance contest rather than a fight?

    Also, because I believe someone asked during the episode, hark: v. to listen attentively.

    Thanks for another fun episode.

  4. “At this point it is believed that she is Thor’s mother.” Believed? She IS Thor’s mother, and not just in the comics. That’s pulled right from the Norse Lore. That’s one of the reasons that Thor is the protector of Midgard, being that he’s half from Earth and half from Asgard.

  5. Nick Fury – I had wondered how much confusion this version of Fury would bring about with the ladies. And I have to side in favor of beard, or at the very least stubble. Generally speaking facial hair doesn’t do much for me, it’s frankly really hard for guys to get the right balance of not so wild to look like the unibomber but not so over groomed to look like a complete and total douchebag. But for a guy as aggressively manly as Fury, honestly I think he doesn’t quite look right clean shaven. Maybe it’s the cigar. When I picture a cigar smoker I tend to picture somebody with at least two days growth. Anyways, with stubble it’s a hot, as long as he leaves the needle gun at home because that thing is definitely stupid.

    Gaea – Oh my god, yes! Hot! More! Yes! Damn! Yes! Fuck! Ok… I’ll take a breath. So, I get all of the concerns that the ladies had about personality and the like. But she is just gorgeous to me. I especially love how loose the dress is, which doesn’t force the imposition of female comic body types (in my own head cannon she’s going to have a somewhat zaftig build and no shame about it, she just dresses for comfort). I dunno, I get how the whole earth mother persona can grate on some, and when people lean into it too hard it can be insufferable. But when it comes naturally (and how could it not with her when she IS nature,) it’s a wonderful thing. Oh, and the religious pose you were thinking of Siskoid is the pietà. It’s a depiction of Mary cradling Jesus after the crucifixion that was super common from like the 1300s through the renaissance (Michelangelo did what might be considered the definitive take on it).

    Galactus – Fneh. The guy’s got an amazing look but basically no personality. Stoic and uncaring. Whoopie. He’s a terrific feature of the universe, don’t get me wrong. But he’s also never smiled. Like ever. Google-fu failed me here in trying to find a single instance. There’s like a couple of sinister smirks, but no genuine smiles. Ever. I don’t need that kind of over-serious nonsense in my life.

    1. I was only thinking of the pieta in the sense that that I was thinking “isn’t this like all those pièta covers, a riff from a Renaissance work?”, but not mistaking it FOR the pieta. As Anj and on my blog, Kurt have said, it’s just a common hand gesture attributed to Jesus in MANY works. So it’s vaguely religious but not specifically Madonna-like.

  6. Aw crap, I forgot the heralds. It’s just a bunch of floating heads again, and I really can’t judge based on that. But then they included a nice shot of Nova. And how could that not be a hot? Get it? Because like she’s on fire? And fire is hot?… I’ll show myself out.

  7. I do miss the hashtags from this show.

    Nick Fury: #CigarsSmellLikeChildhood
    Gaea: #MossyLegHair #GlobalWarmingHot
    Galactus: #HowToMakeDinnerForGalactus #YouPlanet
    Wasn’t the storyline involving Thor in the middle of an Ego-Galactus conflict?
    Heralds: #AirWalkerWithMoreEyeliner
    Yes, Nova is flying through a Skrull spaceship in that panel. In that comic, another page shows her flying through a couple dozen ships to destroy a whole squadron.
    Cover: #WhatsUpWIthThatBelt #WhereAreTheyGoing

    Nice pages, Ang!

  8. I had a backlog of F&W shows to listen to after being on vacation for a week, and what was the first one I put on in the car on the way to work? Sorry, guys, Girls Rule, and the rest of us all drool.

    Nice to see the ladies dig Nick Fury’s inherent hotness. I will forgive them for finding Galactus silly. Byrne’s image makes him look squat and lame. No Kirby grandeur in that static image. It’s what separates OHOTMU from the superior Who’s Who. Out of context, even the most classic designs can look goofy.

    Fun show as always, ladies and gent!


  9. Fury, Nick: Rule! Pew pew pew. (Yes, that’s their comment.)

    Gaea: Rule! We like that she’s Thor’s mom. We picture her as a hippie mom, being all natural and vegan. (I did not mention this from the show at all. They came up with it unsolicited.)

    Galactus: Rule! His helmet looks like Lord Business’ from The Lego Movie.

    Galactus’ Heralds: Fneh, they’re confusing, some try to be good, but it’s bad to destroy other planets.

    Cover: Cool but where’s Firestar?

    Side comment, if Ang’s name had two A’s, it’d be Aang the Last Airbender.

    Final note from Tim: I completely forgot to sign my last comment as Time Priest. PLEASE FORGIVE ME! And it’s not mangling my name, you’re *improving* it!

  10. Sorry for being so behind on my listening but I finally got to this show. Having said that, I’d like to say it’s another great episode. There are no bad episodes!

    Nick Fury – “Bulge Watch” is a really bad local news segment. Or really good? Also, I love the idea of his needle handgun is used to sew socks. I’ve never been a fan of Nick Fury but this sewing idea is making me interested.

    Galactus – Like Nick Fury, I don’t really care for the character but I did enjoy the Whoville talk and the bad “planet/plan it” joke.

    Well done, everyone!

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