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A podcast devoted to the Human Rubber Band in every form, PlastiCast explores Plastic Man’s appearances in comics, cartoons, and any other medium he’s reshaped. Join host Max Romero and the occasional guest for all this — and Woozy, too!

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6 responses to “PlastiCast – Promo

  1. Wow! I am really forward to this new show. I first became aware of Plas back during his old Hanna Barbera days and been a fan ever since. A few years back I wrote the Plastic Man entry for a comic book encyclopedia and did some research into him and creator Jack Cole. If you ever get a chance you may want to read Cole’s last work – his short-lived comic strip “Betsy and Me” (1958). It’s got a totally different vibe than Plas but well worth checking out.

  2. Call me crazy, but one of my favorite treatments of Plas was in All-Star Squadron (Earth-2 of old) when Roy Thomas utilized the status of an FBI agent to have him assigned by J. Edgar Hoover to the All-Stars. Just thought it gave him a very dignified kind-of role.

  3. Chuck: Betsy and Me is wonderful, and there’s certainly some poignancy to it being Cole’s last published work. One of the things I’ve always admired about Cole was the way he continually reinvented his style.

    Gord: I actually talk a bit about Plastic Man’s appearance in the All-Star Squadron in the first episode! I agree, it gave him a grounded role that really worked – while still letting him turn into a drill-headed torpedo.

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