Pod Dylan #124 – I Contain Multitudes


Episode 124 - I Contain Multitudes

In yet another "emergency" episode, Rob and fellow Bobcat Tara Zuk discuss a brand new Bob Dylan song, "I Contain Multitudes."

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4 responses to “Pod Dylan #124 – I Contain Multitudes

  1. Thank y’all for making this available. It so brightened my day!! You have no idea!
    I will be tuning in, you even I have an email to answer questions I may have in tech of pod cast. I installed his radio shows but having issues with that too. I might shoot you an email for assistance Thank you for making this so accessible to a “behind the times” Gen X’er.
    I am so thankful for making this accessible to a family just hanging in our apartment.
    Phoebe Wolfhead Smith II
    Central Hillside, Duluth, MN will be listening!

  2. Another fine show from Rob & Tara, as famous in Dylan circles now as Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson, Walter White & Jesse Pinkman, Napoleon and Josephine, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert or Laurel & Hardy in the real world!

    If you want more Tara her website is above, links there to many articles, reviews and a book she was part of:


    No one is a more informed entertaining voice live on Bob Dylan…

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