Pod Dylan #73 – Jokerman


Episode 73 - JOKERMAN

Rob welcomes longtime friend and musician Tyrone Biljan to discuss the epic "Jokerman", the opening track from 1983's INFIDELS.

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4 responses to “Pod Dylan #73 – Jokerman

  1. Jury’s still out for me on Infidels as a whole. Not sure where I place it in the canon, but this is a particularly interesting song. Always good to hear a musician on the show.

  2. I really liked that cover of “Jokerman”. I think my problem with the “Infidels” version is just the 80’s production sensibilities–I don’t think I started to actually like the song until I discovered Youtube, and in short order, the Letterman performance.

  3. Jokerman is the song I’ve always used in my Dylan impressions. But I hadn’t listened to it for decades, so it’s really a deformed version of it. You’re making me listen again and for the right reasons.

  4. There is a great version of Jokerman done by Built to Spill on a Dylan in the 80s cover album. As a fan of both Dylan and Built to Spill that is maybe my all time favorite Dylan cover.

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