Super Mates 68 Image Gallery

"Sand and Stars" Parts 1-4 by James Robinson, Tony Harris, and Wade Von Grawbadger, with Guy Davis

Jack dreams of the Mist...and Sandman!

Jack meets HIS hero...Dian Belmont!

Jack sees Wesley Dodds as the hero he was.. and possibly still is.

The Sandman stalks again!

Jack screws up, Round 1.

Wes remembers an adventure with Ted. Plus, the Gambler! You've got to know when to hold 'em...

Wes drops a bombshell...and gets Dinah's name wrong. I forgot to mention that.

Jack is okay with his dad cheating on his mom. This is where Cindy blows a gasket. 🙂

Jack screws up, Round 2. This is where Chris blows a gasket!

If Cindy and Chris were old super heroes...

Wes and Dian network in their own ways.

Don't these two seem pretty chummy to you?

Enter Sandman...for the final time?

Jack goes all Cagney. Wesley isn't impressed.

Jack screws up, Round 3. I give up.

And the villainous imposter is...wait. Who is this guy? Clayface III?

Did you solve the mystery before our heroes? Doubtful. Oh, hey look on top of that cabinet...








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