Super Mates 85 Image Gallery

Hey, we got Christopher Lee in this year! Check out his “wings”. Symbolism!!!

Ichabod, say hello to Emperor Palpatine (and his Imperial Mistress), Rita Skeeter, Dumbledore, Vernon Dursley, Criswell, and Alfred.

Depp with the heavily promoted pre-Steampunk goggles, and the equally promoted gore.

Like a Meatloaf album cover come to life!

Worst “How you doin’?” ever? Yes.

Katrina’s gowns provided by Bettlejuice, Beetlejuice, Bettlejuice. Oh crap…


Chris’ dog-earred copy of The Atom and the Hawkman #43 looks just about as beat-up as Hawkman on this cover by Joe Kubert!

Interior scans from the issue with story by Robert Kanigher and art by Murphy Anderson

The awesome origin of polite cad Gentleman Jim Craddock!

Pretty gruesome stuff for a Silver Age DC comic. The Bronze Age is only months away, folks!

Hawkgirl loses all agency, and the way Anderson draws the mask makes her look slightly into Jim’s advances, unfortunately.

In the next panel, Shayera kneed Katar in his maces.

It’s the Mummy…at Legoland!

I honestly think Dani has enough Lego pieces in our living room to recreate this.

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party BEFORE Dark. I’ve been working out.

This Haunted Mansion Ghost Host just got photobombed by a HillJack in a red muscle suit.

Despite the rain cancellation of the big show, the Sanderson Sisters and Villains still came out for a showstopping rendition of “I Put A Spell on You”.

Maleficent and Jafar vogue while Chernabog from Fantasia rises above!

I forgot to mention this awesome Karloff Mummy display in the gift shop near The Revenge of the Mummy ride.

House of Franklin-Stein? Not quite, but close!

A sampling of the awesome displays in the foyer of the Horror Make-Up Show

The Horror Make-Up Show is funny, informative, and slightly gory!

The following images are all from the Monster Cafe at Universal. I’m still there in spirit.

A big THANK YOU to Doug Vandiver for sending me the long-sought-after Return of the Wolf Man novel, and these bonus Universal Monster/Pepsi trading cards, AND…

…this book, with the shooting script for the heavily-edited Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man!




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