Super Mates 95 HoF Christmas Gallery

UK Quad poster for the film, which was called "Scrooge" in its native country.

Alastair Sim as the screen's greatest Scrooge.

Long-suffering Bob Cratchit (Mervyn Johns) has to beg for a day off every 24th of December.

Don't you hate it when old friends come into town unannounced? Michael Hordern as the seriously dreary Jacob Marley.

Michael Dolan's Spirit of Christmas Past logs more screen time than most.

Sim's real-life protege George Cole played the younger Ebenezer, forever changed by the death of his loving sister, Fan (Carol Marsh). Marsh also played Lucy Holmwood in Hammer's Horror of Dracula...which Chris failed to mention!!!

Francis De Wolf brought Brian Blessed-like zeal to the Spirit of Christmas Present.

The ominous Spirit of Christmas Yet To Come (Czeslaw Konarski ) brings the horror home.

Mrs. Dilber (Kathleen Harrison) doesn't know what to make of woke Scrooge.

Sim revels in Scrooge's change, nearly mad with glee.

Pages from "Jonah's Christmas Carol" (Marvel Holiday Special 2004) by Tom DeFalco and Takeshi Miyazawa

Jonah is awakened from his nap by the Green Marley!

Check out Jonah's fanboy room!

Johnny makes like Nat King Cole while Ben shows Ol' Skinflint that supers celebrate the holidays too.

Spidey shows JJJ a future he always wanted. One without Marvels.

Jonah and the Daily Bugle extended family (plus some long underwear types) wish you a Happy Whatever!

Doesn't look like the whole Scrooge schtick really stuck, does it?

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