Super Mates 99 Image Gallery

An awesome British quad poster for Dracula A.D. 1972

Stoneground makes it onto this foreign release poster. Those guys must have had one helluva an agent!

The gift that is Caroline Munroe. And she only barely shows up in this outfit on film!!!

The gang is mostly here: Munroe, Stephanie Beachum, Janet Key, Christopher Neame, and Marsha Hunt.

Hammer was reinventing the wheel with this one, so they gave the old one to Dracula!

Johnny Alucard summons Count Dracula. Now does he not bleed out from this?

Munroe's Laura is REALLY into Dracula... as his fangs go into her! WOW!!!

An iconic pose of Lee as Dracula. This one has become a definitive portrait of the actor and character.

Peter Cushing is out to save his granddaughter...and this picture. And he does both!

Lee was a master at displaying Dracula's inhuman animalism.

This great heroic shot of Peter Cushing has been reinterpreted by a lot of artists.

Can't you just feel the disdain coming off of Lee in these publicity shots? And this is one of the better photos!

Tying into JLUCast, Bruce Timm is a HUGE Hammer fan, and has created lots of great art based on the films over the years. Here he merges the two "modern" Hammer Draculas (Dracula A.D. 1972 and The Satanic Rites of Dracula) into one image.

Images from "Creatures of the Night" from Detective Comics #489 (April 1980)

Irv Novick was a master at drawing kinetic action.

Batman consoles a woman with an unnamed occupation (hmmm....) and meets Moon the Mystic and his assistant Ivorn.

I love DeMatteis' description of Batman's reaction to seeing the vampire's face.

Panel 3 has occupied space in my brain for over 40 years. That's one freaky-looking vampire!

The twist ending that would make M. Night Shyamalan green with envy!


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