Super Mates Episode 3 – The Best of Batman: The Animated Series

It’s Bat-Mania! We begin with the first installment of “Super Mates Theater”. Robin is late to school! How’s a Batman going to get him there on time? Take the Tumbler!

Then on to our feature, audio commentary on two key episodes of Batman: The Animated Series! A name from the past splits the Dynamic Duo, as Batman sidelines his trusted partner, leading both to recall the events that brought them together years ago. Watch along with Chris and Cindy Franklin as they give you their take on the classic 1st season episode “Robin’s Reckoning, Part 1”.

Then we jump forward to the second version of BTAS, with The New Batman Adventures episode, “Legends of the Dark Knight”. Three young kids have three very different ideas of who and what The Batman is, and two of them happen to match some of the most famous versions from the character’s comic history! Listen to the geekout as Chris gushes over his love of Bill Finger and Dick Sprang, and Cindy roots for Frank Miller’s Carrie Kelly Robin!

That’s more Caped Crusader than you can shake a Batarang at! So join us as we explore the shadowy alleys and rain-soaked rooftops of Gotham City, or actually SEVERAL versions of Gotham City!

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Next time, Cindy’s favorite episode of Star Trek: The Original Series: “All Our Yesterdays”!

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