Super Mates Mini-sode: The Flash Season 2 Finale!

Chris, Cindy and son Andrew share their thoughts on The Flash Season 2 finale…in a Flash!!!



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8 responses to “Super Mates Mini-sode: The Flash Season 2 Finale!

  1. Nice super, uh, fast episode guys!

    I always enjoy hearing Andrew on the show. His unalloyed joy for these characters is probably what I sounded like when I was his age, if you swap out the accent for another.

    I have pretty much given up on watching the show, but I applaud making JWS the original Flash. That’s perfect!

    1. Yeah, Andrew is me before cynicism set in too. I try not to damper his enthusiasm for modern comics, but it’s hard. I was probably a little too harsh on Rebirth with him on the horn.

      I’m beyond happy JWS is in that shiny metal hat!!!


  2. Flash is one of the few shows that my entire family wants to watch on a weekly basis, so it’s good to hear another family loving and discussing the show. A few years ago I could never have imagined a show based on a comic that would be watched by my whole crowd.

    Hearing Chris celebrate his correct prediction makes me want to share my correct one. Very early in the season I predicted that the collider would be rebuilt and used to empower Jessie and Wally.

    I was frustrated by the end of the season as we basically had three episodes of Barry acting like a butt head. Mind you this is nothing compared to my frustration with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which was atrocious for the last 8 episodes. Hopefully season 2 can course correct swiftly.

    1. I’m giving you an intercontinental high-five to celebrate us both being right, Paul!

      I’m WAY behind on LOT. The last episode we watched was the one where they landed in the 50s. I’m hearing there is a last minute reveal in the finale I’ll like, though….


  3. I made a note to watch; but, got caught up in things and missed it. I haven’t watched season 2 at all. I just got out of the habit of watching weekly tv several years ago, for various reasons. I’ve had to play catch up on Hulu or DVD. As it is, I’m only about of a third of the way through season 1 and season 3 of Arrow. I’ve only seen 20 minutes of Supergirl, while sitting in a hotel room. Lot of catching up.

    Glad to see JWS got a nice little moment. One of the things I like about this is the respect shown to the 90s series, which is more than CBS ever had for it. It’s too bad Jason Bernard is no longer with us; I wouldn’t have minded to see the Nightshade return.

    1. Oh yeah, me too. If they were to tie the Wests to an old crimefighter named Nightshade…I wouldn’t mind that ONE bit!!!


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