TreasuryCast #26 – Superman vs. The Flash – Gallery


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8 responses to “TreasuryCast #26 – Superman vs. The Flash – Gallery

    1. Strange I posted earlier but my post disappeared and I didn’t get an email as to why? Appreciate the podcasts and wanted to post on Who’s Who’s the first series’s but came on board way to late to comment. Digging into DC Bronze Age is enjoyable, so it’s nice to hear observations on these comics. Everyone here is all Marvel all the time!

      1. We ARE?! Seems to me like it’s all DC all the time. We have exactly one show that’s about Marvel comics specifically (oHOTmu or NOT), and then a few shows that might dip into Marvel on occasion (FW Team-Up, Mountain Comics, Punch Like a Girl), but generally, it’s a lot of DC. I think most of us are big DC heads.

  1. So much to love about this one.

    I love seeing the Flash race Superman. And I have my own head canon about who is the fastest. If it is a foot race, the Flash wins hands down. He is a better runner. But if Superman can fly, he is fastest because of the velocity he can generate that way.

    I do love the 2-parter in DCCP #1 and #2, a sort of Flash/Superman race.

    Another thing I love is the Fortress schematics. So sad that the Atomic Cauldron isn’t named, instead given the dull name of ‘disintegration pit’.

    Thanks so much for covering. Heading to ‘Worst Collection’ podcast now.

  2. Fun show!

    Regarding GL and TV – since tv’s broadcast specifically to the frequencies that match the cones in human vision (red, blue and green), broadcasting “yellow” should not be a problem.

    Until next time …

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