TreasuryCast #62 – Welcome Back, Kotter – Gallery

Images for TREASURYCAST #62! Leave your comments over on the podcast post by clicking here!

Remember, please leave your comments over on the podcast post by clicking here!

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One response to “TreasuryCast #62 – Welcome Back, Kotter – Gallery

  1. I don’t normally comment on the gallery posts, but, WOW!
    I mean, I love this wrap around cover!
    So entertaining! So many questions!
    Who is responsible for that baby sitting in the puddle with two bottles set up behind him?
    Who is the unfortunate individual drowning in the sewer?
    Is that woman taking off her clothes to play in the fire hydrant?
    Is the dog biting the cop in league with the burglar sneaking out the window behind them?
    Is that Big Bird in the widow between Kotter and Vinnie?
    What is that black cat planning? He’s definitely up to something
    Hers are just a few of the amazing things going on in this cover!

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