TreasuryCast #71 – Flash Gordon – Gallery

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One response to “TreasuryCast #71 – Flash Gordon – Gallery

  1. First congratulations on your pinball table! That’s so cool! I’d be jealous but… you see… I’m actually a close personal friend of Flash Gordon. It’s no big deal, sometimes we hang out and watch highlights of his football career (or polo career, depends on which version I’m hanging out with) or we blast off in a rocket and save the universe. Of course, that’s only on the weekends I’m not see my supermodel girlfriend. (You don’t know her, she’s from Canada)
    Hmmm… looks like I still deal with envy the same way I did in 2nd grade.
    Thanks for another great episode of Treasurycast. I’m always a fan of exploring these classic characters and the adventure strips from the newspaper. They are a too often overlooked part of comic book history. A few years back while on a trip with my stepdaughters to Universal Islands of Adventure in FL, we visited the Toon Lagoon an area dedicated to classic comic strips. It was great fun explaining all these characters to the girls who were completely unfamiliar with the likes of Flash Gordon, The Phantom l, Popeye and others. The following weekend when we were back from vacation we watched the Flash Gordon movie and the episodes of Defenders of the Earth I had on DVD. There is still plenty of magic in these characters, and it’s our duty to make sure future generations have the chance to marvel at their adventures.
    One last question… did anyone else hear the Queen soundtrack playing in their heads while listening along?

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