TreasuryCast #75 – The Rampaging Hulk

Rob welcomes frequent commenter Brett Young to discuss MARVEL TREASURY EDITION #26, starring THE RAMPAGING HULK!

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13 responses to “TreasuryCast #75 – The Rampaging Hulk

  1. Another excellent Treasurycast! While I’ve never read these issues, I just wanted to mention that Betty did indeed return as the Harpy – specifically, the Red Harpy – in Al Ewing’s fantastic Immortal Hulk. In fact, I *only* knew Betty’s monstrous incarnation from this more recent comic, and didn’t realise until this very podcast that it was a callback to some wonderful ’70s nonsense. So thanks for the context. But I agree, it does diminish the Hulk when everyone in his orbit is also pretty hulky. Betty, Rick (as A-Bomb), Samson, Thunderbolt Ross (as Red Hulk), Amadeus Cho, Skaar… Earth 616 is 95% Gamma-irradiated at this point.

  2. What an excellent treat – a mid-week Treasury Cast! It seems like they usually drop on weekends otherwise.
    First observation right off the bat: I noticed the different pronunciations of Modoc, with Brett saying it like I would, i.e., Moe-dock, while Rob was saying Maw-dock – so which one is right? I’m quite curious now, as I’ve never watched any cartoons in which he appeared, so I’ve never heard it said out loud…

    Otherwise, I – again – never had this treasury, nor read any of the stories contained therein. I’ve only read a smattering of Hulk stories from Trimpe’s lengthy run as artist on the series (I only started reading Hulk in the late ’70s, so *my* Hulk artist is Sal Buscema, while Mantlo is probably my favorite Hulk scribe). In fact, I wasn’t even aware that Englehart had a brief run as writer on the Hulk. Your rundown certainly has me interested in checking this one out.
    And before I forget: canonically Bruce Banner is indeed a physicist, but yes, like many scientists in the Marvel universe (or, say, the Professor on Gilligan’s Island), he seems to have, or is expected to have, expertise in numerous fields. Heck, just recall that in the X-men, Bolivar Trask, an anthropologist, was also able to design and construct giant cybernetic mutant-hunting robots.
    I agree with Rob that it’s a shame that stories from Rampaging Hulk magazine were never reprinted in the treasuries. That fact that they were b&w wouldn’t have been a problem I think – they simply would have been colored. That was in fact the case with most of the Conan treasuries as far as I know, i.e., they simply contained colored stories from Savage Sword.
    In conclusion, great show yet again, and Brett was a really great guest.

  3. Wow, what a great episode! Clearly the best to date. What an impressive guest. His intellect matched only by his charm and whit. A tour de force! Jesus wept.

    Seriously, though, thanks for having me, Rob. I had a great time. Two things I forgot to mention during the podcast:

    1. I appreciated that the doctor at Betty’s hospital wasn’t taking any shit from the Hulk. Visiting hours are clearly posted, Hulk. Either fight M.O.D.O.K. then, or take it outside!
    2. I totally forgot I did get some other treasuries post-childhood. I have the Alex Ross Superman and JLA: Secret Origins. Plus, Superman/Fantastic Four, JLA: Heaven’s Ladder, and the X-Men: Grand Design series. The lesson in this is that I’m a moron. I clearly panicked and forgot the bulk of my treasury collection!

    This was a great trip back through my early super hero reading. Hulk was one of my first favorites, and the Hulk legacy continues with my kids enjoying him as well.

  4. Great episode discussing a Treasury I have never heard of! Wonderful coverage.

    What a crazy story with so many twists. A couple of comments!

    Love the Christian Akoye reference! Those huge should pads and grinding runs for the chiefs are legendary.

    You are right Rob. Young Anj wouldn’t have had funny feelings with the way Trimpe drew the scantily clad Betty.

    Bi-beast is too bizarre. Only to be out-bizarred by MODOK.

    And lastly, that back cover looks sort of Jim Starlin-ish to me, mostly the Hulk’s face and chest.

    Thanks again for great coverage!

  5. Wonderful show and great guest .
    I’m not a big hulk guy I was more of moon knight guy . Lately I’ve bin reading more x-men mainly Bendis run where beast brings the x-men of the bast to present . One question I hope some one can answer in the comments. When did Cyclopes become the bad guy ? Also congratulations on your wedding as Mr .Kelly . Also I’ve bin reading some old Fawcett comics and wonder if have ever considered doing a western adventure month talking about licensed western comics like lash larue and maybe covering some of his comic or one of his movies on film and water ?

  6. Great episode and great debut by Brett, who often has the funniest comment in a thread of entertaining comments. Let’s hear him again!

  7. 1. THe great plot hook of the hulk is he TRAVELS. The FF OR doctor strange may zap around the universe but Hulk has nowhere he NEEDS To start.
    2 I TOTALLY forgot Glen died at least once before making it stick
    3 the recent hulk HAS gotten some good miles out of how much GammA theres been
    4 EVen as a kid I knew the tv show was not the comic TV Hulk did’nt talk. Hulk is a sickness Banner needs rid of. Comic hulk talks he’s the reader’s friend you dont WANT Banner cured cuz your friend dies.
    5. I Love Herb Trempie. I wrote him a fan letter told him about my comic “Hell On WHeels HE LOVED IT! I got the nicest e-mail ever

  8. I just got this Treasury at the Baltimore Comic-Con last month so I was super happy to see that you discussed this issue! It zoomed to the top of my reading list (leap-frogging over Superman Vs Shazam!) so I could listen! You guys did a fantastic job! Great episode!

    Brett – I grew up in Spring Grove, PA and would go to Park City in Lancaster about 3-4 times a year! (It was like a trip to Mecca for ME!)
    I clearly remember the “farmers market” in the basement and the GLORIOUS Comic Shop there.
    Coming up on Batman Family Reunion #20 I’ll have quite the story about it – if you’d like to visit Wayne Gardens we can spend an hour or so talking JUST about THAT!
    Remember the roller skating rink? The TV information screens? The movie theaters?

    For those interested – do a Google image search of
    “Park City Mall Lancaster ’70’s”
    to see it in all its’ glory!

    1. Damn, you’re talking prime Park City. I could talk Park City for hours! I absolutely remember roller skating to Pac Man Fever. And my mom making me try on back to school clothes at Watt & Shand. I lived close enough to ride my bike there, so it was our main social scene. Slushies for everyone!

  9. Thanks for a terrific episode, Brett was a great guest. I enjoyed this issue hugely, I love Plastic Man. I especially love him for displacing the Wonder Twins strip.

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