The Death-Defying Human FlyCast #3 — Castle in the Clouds!

Hold onto your hats, folks — in this episode we'll be talking about giant robot condors, man-eating sharks, and a mutual love affair with The Human Fly's baton! Yeah, you heard me! Your host Max and special guest Rob Kelly get into all of this and more as they discuss The Human Fly #3 — the first of a two-part story. (Don't worry, Rob will be back next month for Part Two!)

Let’s get wild!

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Opening theme: “Human Fly” by The Cramps
Closing music: “People-Vultures” by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard"

7 responses to “The Death-Defying Human FlyCast #3 — Castle in the Clouds!

  1. Fun as always, gentlemen. I like your ideas for a modern take on the Human Fly. Rob, I don’t think any artist was ever offended by a comparison of his work to Milt Caniff’s.

  2. Fun show fellas! I prefer to think of The Human Fly’s baton as his “swagger stick”, because that’s what Ideal called it in their Evel Kneivel toy line. Ol’ Evel came with one himself, so I think the Fly ripped him off a bit. This ad was created by Marvel, who also did a one-shot Evel comic to promote the toys.


    The Human Fly may have been a good bet for Ideal when they had to drop Evel after he took a ball bat (not a baton or “swagger stick”) to a nosy journalist and did jail time. Later Ideal worked with Marvel to revive the Evel toy concept in Team America…but what if they gave us a Human Fly toyline instead? The mind boggles.


  3. I enjoyed this episode immensely, Max. You and Rob provide some excellent commentary on the issue, and the first part of two-parter no less!

    Two comments:

    1) My comment in the last episode about a modern take on the Human Fly needing to ditch the cheesy cape was right. A capeless HF in the panel of him in the tank fighting the shark looks awesome.

    2) Does Lee Elias draw Harmony Whyte as gorgeous as a Carmine Infantino did? I mean, I never wanted to be a sweater so much in my life! Woof!

  4. Well done on another fantastic Fly Cast! I’m intrigued by this weird Mr. Martinet and I agree with you that it’s a weird name for a super-villain. But he does know his branding! I’m seriously considering going the Rob Kelly way and buying these single issues to read along with you guys. Who knows, maybe this show WILL increase the value of the Human Fly comic book.

    I love your ideas for re-booting the Human Fly. Just hearing how much fun you guys were having with it made me 100% on board! The Human Fly may be ludicrous, but it’s a fun ludicrous that makes me want to read it!

    Excellent show, everyone! Keep up the great work!

  5. Your best ep yet!
    This is indeed a crazy two part story, and the only possible answer as to why Mr Martinett is in costume is: because comics.
    LOVE the idea for the reboot with the dumb kid and the un-retired Fly.
    Keep up the good work!

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