The Power Records Podcast #14 – Jaws of the Shark


We’ve got to close the beaches! Rob Kelly and Chris Franklin discuss the obscure Power Record JAWS OF THE SHARK, “inspired” by the hit 1975 film. Stories include “Jaws of the Shark”, “The Sacred Killer Shark”, and “Treasure of the Sharks.”

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7 responses to “The Power Records Podcast #14 – Jaws of the Shark

  1. I actually enjoyed these shark-centric stories a lot more than I expected. They weren’t great, but they were still fairly entertaining and I liked that all three stories starred the same family. If not Aquaman, these adventures might’ve been repurposed for Dane Dorrance and the Sea Devils.

    Of the three chapters, I really liked the “Worshippers/Sacred Killer Shark” installment. While the girl voice actor wasn’t so good, the story at least balanced an old-school horror story with the mounting sense of dread. It was well-written, anyway, if not so well-performed.

  2. I’m one of those people that never saw or heard of this record in my youthful Power Records prime. I first heard it when I was an old man, and I’ve discovered that it’s great to take a nap to. “Oooooooh nooooooo.” Did you pick up in the poor man’s riff on the John Williams Jaws theme that pops up and throbs in the backroad music? Wah-WAH-wah-WAH-wah-WAH-wah-WAH …

    1. Yeah, we forgot to mention that. It almost works, and is probably the most direct connection to Jaws on the album itself. I mean, GP didn’t get bitten in half and dragged off the Sealab or anything!


  3. Love this podcast series. I had this album as a kid. I was born in ’69 and was too young to see Jaws when it came out (at least in my parent’s opinion – I was dying to see it). However it was funny how some of the Jaws merchandise trickled into kids territory. I recall having a Jaws T-shirt and game among other items. This album was certainly jumping onto the Jaws bandwagon and I snatched it up. I recall finding this album generally creepy/scary with the bloody shark attack, human sacrifice and murder/narcotics themes. I thought the bass riff was an interesting bit of production, obviously aping the use of William’s score to identify the presence of the shark. Thanks for the reminder of this sunken treasure!

  4. In all honesty, I fell asleep during the second story and had to rewind the podcast. I suppose parents liked this power record to help get their kids to bed. “As a special treat, I’ll let you listen to ‘Jaws of the Shark’ past your bed time.” Five minutes later, kid would be out cold.

    Bring back the suicidal clown with the scary calliope music. That definitely kept me awake!

  5. I guess there is something wrong with me, but I genuinely enjoyed these stories. Sure the kids were a bit weak, but I thought the stories were very enjoyable. They felt a little Johnny Quest to me, from the “adventure” perspective. Fun divergence!!

    Looking forward to the next episode! **cough cough** more six million dollar man **cough cough**

  6. Hi, it’s been a while.

    I’m sure that there are plenty of other people talking about the child actors. Instead of criticizing them, I’m going to go off the idea of an Aquaman/Jaws of the Shark crossover and pretend that these kids are former (child) members of the League of Assassins who Aquaman rescued and asked GP to look after. Which is why they kept a cool head in emergency situations, their parents DIDN’T call them home after the first two attacks, and why they did not cry about Thomas (they knew they SHOULD be sad, but they are used to death).

    I’d also like to point out that the sharks didn’t actually kill any of the good guys. I mean, the only ones who were killed by sharks were antagonists (Thomas was killed by the drug dealers). It’s more like these kids are protected by sharks than in danger from them. (Except Pete, but who knows what he might have been up to.)

    See you next time!

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