Tough Like a Girl #32 – DC Bombshells Vol. 1 – Enlisted

Lis and Nathaniel get drafted to fight alongside the toughest ladies of the DC universe in an alternate WW2 setting.

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3 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #32 – DC Bombshells Vol. 1 – Enlisted

  1. Hi Lis and Nathaniel! I just finished reading this graphic novel today. I’m … not sure how I feel about it, which was the vibe I got from your show as well. You both described many ups and downs of this book, and that’s what I came away with, too. The art was great sometimes, others not my taste, but the switching of styles was disconcerting enough to detract from the good ones.

    The characters and their costume designs overall were wins for me, no surprise since the statues were such a success. I do love me some baseball, so I’m a pushover for the Batwoman look, and it’s a riot that her gimmick is more baseball-themed than bat-themed. (No batarangs at all!) And Amanda Waller. I will not gainsay other people, but for me, she’s at her best plus-size and short, so that was awesome.

    But I must be losing my touch. In this Elseworlds kind of setting, I should be better at recognizing alternate versions of characters, but except for the obvious ones (Hal, Barda Free, Kimiyo Hoshi — well, she’s obvious to me), I was lost on Brother Night and General Khulun. At least I recognized General Arkayn as Swamp Thing’s antagonist Anton Arcane. Ah well.

    Constantine as a bunny is fantastic! That’s a keeper!

    Really good episode, my punchers. Till next time!

    1. Oh, shazbot! One last thing, I promise. Zombies. I must be the only comic reader who doesn’t care for zombies. Having the big plan be “Nazi Zombies”? UGH!

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