Tough Like a Girl #16 – To Dance

Lis and Nathaniel take a look at an autobiographical story of ballet, and they are joined by trained dancer Kirty Van Luling who brings her experience to the podcast!

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One response to “Tough Like a Girl #16 – To Dance

  1. Hi, Lis and Nathaniel! Another fun episode. Kirty was a welcome addition. Her knowledge of dance as a lifestyle was a great addition for this book, and you all sounded like you were having fun discussing it. Made for good listening.

    Course I kept thinking of Roller Girl, and Astrid’s friend who was in dance camp and they shared “hurt feet” stories. Definitely not enough awareness of the pain and commitment it takes for ballet.

    I looked at a preview of To Dance online. Gosh, there’s something so appealing about the artwork. The kids have simple joy on their faces, contrasted with stark emotion of the Bolshoi performance. It’s not enough to get a feel for the plot (THE PLO-O-O-OT!), but quite intriguing. And there’s some nice use of color to convey the mood. Not sure if I’ll pick it up, but very interesting.

    Hmmm, I still think Rahne (pronounced “rain”) Sinclair aka Wolfsbane counts for short hair, but then I’m only thinking of her original look, not recent versions. Like here:

    Thanks Punchers!

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